A B O UT   L I Z A


Hello my lovelies!  I’ve been called “an inspiration leader.” But all I want to do is inspire you with the richness of your very own life. I’ve always been a writer and a creator of the cozy. I proudly honed my writing as a “Mad Gal” (advertising), learning to dive deep into the essence of things.

My first two novels were published into many languages and since then I’ve written a variety of published and unpublished short stories and poems. Before Camp Liza, I was one of the first mommy bloggers, helping to create this genre on the www. At present, I write freelance for many clients.

I’m a proud feminist, traveler, tea drinker, yogi, voracious reader, home chef/baker and knitter. Devoted to all things artistic: theatre, music, art, literature, architecture and nature. I prefer authentic conversation over cocktail party chatter.

When I’m not traveling, I live in Mérida, México, where in my “free time” I am a college coach, helping young people reach their dreams. As a monument to my love of reading and learning, I founded the Mérida English Library, my gift to this tropical city.

A B O U T  C A M P  L I Z A


Camp Liza originally began as a space for women 50+…but I quickly learned that readers of all ages and genders were enjoying the joy, wisdom, contemplation and sharing that takes place here.

So if you have a passionate mind and a penchant for creative living, this is the place for you. Your own private oasis on the crazy web, to think your deepest thoughts and love your life.

O U R   M O T T O

Age free. Should Free. Joy Full.

Age Free: Age?  Irrelevant. Your life is about a about a depth of passion, savoring things like never before. Every day is the first day of the rest of your life.

Should Free: Life after 50 is definitely a “should free” zone. You’ve spent a lifetime doing the shoulds, being “responsible” –striving, working, commuting, wife­ing, mothering, grocery shopping, tutoring, carpooling, cooking, holiday planning, laundry…
Ça suffit!

Joy Full: We dedicate every day to joy and pleasure. That’s all we have time for. (We’ve done depressed, exhausted, confused, fearful.) So if you haven’t lived your most joyful life, now’s the time to live your life with passion.

O U R   G O A L S

◊   To live and think creatively, stylishly, passionately.

◊   To take the throne as the Queen of Your Life.

◊   To replace the word “retirement” with its Spanish
translation: JUBILATION.
(So much better, don’t you think?)

◊   To change the paradigm of female aging.