Hello my lovelies!!!  I’ve missed you!

I’m back from my travels (and the obligatory cold I get from the airplane) and have loads of things to share with you. But for now, I want to alert you that today begins one of my most important and favorite events of the year:  The Women in the World annual conference in New York City, April 6-8.

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blue pen
This is going to be a controversial post.  I know lots of you out there aren’t going to like it. Maybe I’ll even be wiped from your address book, or as we say today, contact list.  But I bet you’ll keep on reading.

No one sets out wanting to be the other woman.  We all want to be the woman.  But then life happens.  [Read more…]


⟡ Try it and see what it does for you ⟡

And whilst we’re on the subject of words… Women and the Internet are abuzz about the word “just.”   Thank you to ladybuginred, a Camp Liza reader, who commented in my last post, I’ve banished these four words on how she banished the word “just” from her vocabulary. [Read more…]