Darling friends, It’s that extraordinary time of year again.  The Women in the World Summit 2017 will be held April 5-7 in New York.

The best news is:  you don’t have to buy tickets or travel to New York to attend.

The entire event is live streamed so you can watch it on your computer.  Better yet, sync your computer with your telly and watch on the big screen.

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Do you tell the truth about your life?  That makes you a feminist. Whew, glad we got that straightened out.

(Two years ago, I posted “Are you a feminist?” If you’re still afraid of calling yourself a feminist, please read!)

Are you a nasty woman?  The answer to that would also be yes. If you speak your mind, you are a nasty woman.  Be proud.

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Andrew Wyeth “Master Bedroom”

Is not for sissies

If you are getting tired of reading The Dengue Diaries, imagine how I feel living it. This painting captures, for me, the peace and yes, somewhat desultory nature of being sick alone.  Perhaps the dog is enjoying a cozy nap, but there is a moment of utter solitude in this picture which speaks to me right now. [Read more…]

⟡ A homeless friend ⟡

She’s college educated, well traveled, super smart, funny, sharp, sophisticated, well mannered. She’s talented, hard working, fun loving, sensitive, highly spiritual.  She’s a mother and a grandmother.  Presently she’s single, but she’s so charismatic, there are always men hovering around her. [Read more…]

You know I love you Goldie, just the way you are.
You know I love you Goldie, just the way you are.

⟡ Not my proudest moment ⟡

For all the serious things I write about, for all the simple pleasures I extoll, I must admit something to you.  It embarrasses me greatly. One of my guilty pleasures is to look at images of celebs not looking their best.  The headlines are:  Movie stars who are not aging well.  Movie stars without makeup.  Celebs who look older than their years. [Read more…]

⟡ Girlfriends Weekend ⟡

My high school friend, Jeanette, and I have decided that each September we will take an off season, few days at the beach.  Tulum! Airfares and hotels are considerably seriously lower. It’s too short to be a vacation.  Rather, its a beach summit.  A contemplation.  And pure fun. [Read more…]


⟡ Try it and see what it does for you ⟡

And whilst we’re on the subject of words… Women and the Internet are abuzz about the word “just.”   Thank you to ladybuginred, a Camp Liza reader, who commented in my last post, I’ve banished these four words on how she banished the word “just” from her vocabulary. [Read more…]

Imagine a Parisian aristocrat arriving to live in 1940’s Houston…

Dominique de Menil nee Schlumberger

Instead of bemoaning the swampy, sleepy “town” she devoted herself to what she called her adopted city by pursuing her passions:  art, architecture and civil rights.

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