As I write this, on a Sunday afternoon, a loaf of banana bread rising in the oven is perfuming the house with that inimitable baked smell of love.

Meanwhile on top of the stove is a cast iron frying pan in which I’m smothering a spatchcocked chicken under a plate weighted with cans from my pantry. [Read more…]

 Do you know how to really relax?

This is not the same as lying on your couch or in your bed. There’s a whole lot of healing going on here.


As you all know by now, I’m on the yoga mat about five mornings a week.  No, I’m not a saint, nor am I bragging.  It’s about my aching body.  Yoga stretches me out, limbers me up.  My body has served me so well for all these years, and now it needs a little love.  Yoga is body love if it is practiced properly, which means:  respect your limitations and celebrate your abilities.

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You know grilled cheese?

Do you want your grilled cheese to look like this?  Keep reading.
Do you want your grilled cheese to look like this?


Ha.  This is one of those things like rolling suitcases.  You know, as in why did it take civilization so many centuries to put suitcases on wheels…grrr…

To wit:  Why has it taken so long for the secret to crusty melty grilled cheese to be revealed?

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“Where to go on holiday and why”

The inner trip and the outer trip meet as one
The vacation as pilgrimage


How do you decide where to go on vacation?  Do you go to the same place each year or do you change it up?  Do you have a laid back plop on the beach with a book?  Or adventure travel, as in hammock swinging on a Amazonian river barge?  Perhaps you opt for urban pleasures abroad, all the fine dining and ballet you can enjoy.

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