How would you like to find one of these in your bathroom?

My last few posts have been introspective and heavy….so I thought I’d entertain you this week with a story that will make you happy you don’t live in Tropica.

You all know about my love/hate relationship to Tropica.  I’ve written several posts on it…and that my idea of hell is having a toloc in the house, which happens several times a year.

So, imagine my surprise dismay shock! disgust! when I walked into my bathroom, which is the furthest room away from the walled-in garden of my house it could possibly be, to find a f***ing toloc hanging out behind the toilet. [Read more…]


⟡ Another tropical fantasy reality check. ⟡

Greetings from Tropica, where we’re in the midst of an epidemic. My daughter got it.  My maid got it. My maid’s children have it. All of her friends have it. Some of my students have it. The garage door repairman has it.  Many of my friends have it.  Everyone knows many people who have it. [Read more…]