I was looking at my last few posts and whew…intense! So today: a blast of deliciousness to lighten things up.  Muffins! That’s a happy word that makes everyone, or at least most people, happy.

I’ve started baking again…which means I’m happy.  It also means my recovery from April’s surgery is proceeding marvelously.

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You all know that I love to cook and bake.  I read food blogs and websites.  Cookbooks as bedside reading are a given.  Cooking is not only how I nurture and delight my family and friends, it’s how I explore, travel and taste the world right in my own home.

Lately, people have been after me to compile a book of the recipes I’ve cooked over the years that have become family favorites.  Now I’m not a recipe writer.  Whilst some of my recipes have come from my mother and grandmother…other family favorites have come from famous chefs, cookbooks and websites.

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Eating out of a bowl is nothing new.  Asian cuisine and many others, have been served out of bowls for centuries. In 2017, bowls have become a cultural and gastronomic moment. If you’ve ever eaten a bowl of ramen, or a burrito bowl at Chipotle, you’ve had a bowl.

The millennials appropriated bowls into a lifestyle. It turns out millennials don’t want to sit at a table and use a knife and fork. They want easy, attractive, fork food that you can pick up and carry to the couch and watch Netflix, or to the computer and keep working or Skyping.

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⟡ Where have you been all my life? ⟡

Smitten Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

This is a recipe for people who can’t bake.  It takes five, okay, fifteen minutes to get into the oven.  In addition to being fail proof, it’s comforting, beautiful and delicious.  And I can’t believe I never knew about this until a week ago! [Read more…]

You know grilled cheese?

Do you want your grilled cheese to look like this?  Keep reading.
Do you want your grilled cheese to look like this?


Ha.  This is one of those things like rolling suitcases.  You know, as in why did it take civilization so many centuries to put suitcases on wheels…grrr…

To wit:  Why has it taken so long for the secret to crusty melty grilled cheese to be revealed?

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