This year I did something I’ve never done before. I escaped Christmas. In the days leading up to “the big day” I baked the cookies and gave out the tips to service people. I went to a few parties and bought a little gift here and there.

But right now, as you perhaps are cleaning up ribbons and wrappings, I am digging my feet into the warm sand. Just a three day escape to change things up.

It is my way of announcing to the world (and to me) that “things have to be different around here.” [Read more…]

⟡ Caribbean dystopia ⟡

Remember my last post, with the lovely photo of the blue Caribbean and my plan of a beautiful weekend? Well, this is what I found when I stepped onto the shoreline of Tulum. As well as Akumal, the Riviera Maya and Cancun. [Read more…]

⟡ Girlfriends Weekend ⟡

My high school friend, Jeanette, and I have decided that each September we will take an off season, few days at the beach.  Tulum! Airfares and hotels are considerably seriously lower. It’s too short to be a vacation.  Rather, its a beach summit.  A contemplation.  And pure fun. [Read more…]