Light camel yumminess
“Sea salt” colored, long cardigan. By Eileen Fisher

⟡ Oh how I miss you! ⟡

As the days grow shorter and close in on us…I get all sorts of wistful.  Yes, there is an autumn in Tropica, but you have to live here a long time to feel and understand it. I grew up with traditional, northern climate Fall.   Memories of acorn fights, walking home after school, shuffling through gorgeous colored leaves.  Apples, pumpkins and brisk air which means: sweaters. [Read more…]

This photo was taken years ago. The garden has since grown into a jungle.

⟡ Two couches ⟡

September has turned out to be a month of renewal.  I’m doing lots of home maintenance.  Boring, expensive stuff like having the roof waterproofed, water systems tuned up, garage door fixed, rusted ironwork refinished.  Ooph! [Read more…]

⟡ Girlfriends Weekend ⟡

My high school friend, Jeanette, and I have decided that each September we will take an off season, few days at the beach.  Tulum! Airfares and hotels are considerably seriously lower. It’s too short to be a vacation.  Rather, its a beach summit.  A contemplation.  And pure fun. [Read more…]

Photo c Amber raw vegan blonde

⟡ Yes, I’m dieting lifestyle changing ⟡

It was time.  I had to do it.  I’m overweight.  Most importantly, my blood tests didn’t tell a good story.  The doctor said: off to the nutritionist with you. I dragged myself in there.  Shamed.  Defeated.  Resigned. [Read more…]

⟡ My former addiction! ⟡

What a pleasant surprise to find that my business coach, Marie Forleo, answered my question on her show this week. I was laughing at myself as Marie said to “step away from the self help buffet.” Yep, that was me…going back for seconds.  Now, I’m the coastest with the mostest. [Read more…]

Imagine a Parisian aristocrat arriving to live in 1940’s Houston…

Dominique de Menil nee Schlumberger

Instead of bemoaning the swampy, sleepy “town” she devoted herself to what she called her adopted city by pursuing her passions:  art, architecture and civil rights.

[Read more…]