I am something I never wanted to be: homeless. Well not really homeless like an unfortunate refugee, but feeling psychologically homeless.

All my life I’ve wanted to belong. I feel that belonging to a town, to people, to the pharmacist who knows my name, to the librarian who knows my reading tastes, to the rhythm of a town with all its seasons and routines, where I am a presence and participant, would be the most wonderful thing.    [Read more…]


My millennial daughter adores Grace and Frankie and I find it fascinating –and important– that she likes to watch a show about two 70-something women.

If you haven’t watched Grace and Frankie, the Netflix series stars  Jane Fonda (Grace) and Lily Tomlin (Frankie). These testy frenemies become housemates after their husbands come out of the closet and marry each other. Left to pick up the broken pieces of their marriages, they learn to accept and even love each other as they craft a new life together.

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I sure don’t miss this fracas.


Before you all yell at me, I know that I recently wrote a post about buying pajamas and now, I’m going to write about not shopping.

I really have stopped shopping. There were no Christmas gifts this year and no after Christmas sale shopping (except for the pajamas which I literally didn’t own).

Recently there was an article in the NYTimes about not shopping for a year. I was intrigued. Could I do it? [Read more…]


Lately in these #metoo days, I’m feeling Crushed Under The Weight of the sexual harassment and discrimination I’ve finally realized I experienced all my life.

What’s horribly wrong with that sentence? The words, “finally realized.”

Up until now, I just thought that was part of being a woman. I didn’t even know to call it harassment or discrimination. [Read more…]


Along with all the articles at this time of year about new year resolutions are articles about how by the end of January, most people have abandoned their resolutions.

“Resolutions I can keep” is an idea I got from my daughter. When she told me hers, I was delighted because they seemed so doable instead of inspirational.  I’ve borrowed a few from her to adopt as my own, and added to the list.

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For the past, oh, two decades, I’ve stayed home, happily.

I’m not a believer in the eve.  It makes so many people miserable. It’s an arbitrary date. Forced gaiety is not my thing.

I usually cook something comforting, drink some good bubbles, watch the ball drop and go to bed. I adore New Year’s day however, waking well and early with great energy for what’s ahead. Cooking another something comforting for my hangover-straggling-in friends. [Read more…]


This year I did something I’ve never done before. I escaped Christmas. In the days leading up to “the big day” I baked the cookies and gave out the tips to service people. I went to a few parties and bought a little gift here and there.

But right now, as you perhaps are cleaning up ribbons and wrappings, I am digging my feet into the warm sand. Just a three day escape to change things up.

It is my way of announcing to the world (and to me) that “things have to be different around here.” [Read more…]


Last year, as 2017 began, I wrote a post called The Year of Living Passionately.

I must say, I got what I asked for. It was passionately intense. It wasn’t passion pretty, it was passion difficult. It involved my daughter writing, finishing and presenting her thesis. A “surprise” hip replacement surgery and the months long rehabilitation afterwards. My son started a new job in Cancun (code for: I helped him outfit his flat) and my daughter left for France to see if she wanted to settle there. (She does). A bucket list trip (meaning: big and expensive) to Alaska that ended with me [Read more…]


Or mittens, or a hat, or a throw.

When you receive a hand knit item — or any hand made item for that matter — you’re not just receiving a cozy hat or a loaf of banana bread. You are receiving the time, memories and emotions of the person who made it.

I’m a knitter and a finished piece is a diary of the time I was knitting it. I knit the scarf above for my cousin. [Read more…]