I am something I never wanted to be: homeless. Well not really homeless like an unfortunate refugee, but feeling psychologically homeless.

All my life I’ve wanted to belong. I feel that belonging to a town, to people, to the pharmacist who knows my name, to the librarian who knows my reading tastes, to the rhythm of a town with all its seasons and routines, where I am a presence and participant, would be the most wonderful thing.    [Read more…]


My millennial daughter adores Grace and Frankie and I find it fascinating –and important– that she likes to watch a show about two 70-something women.

If you haven’t watched Grace and Frankie, the Netflix series stars  Jane Fonda (Grace) and Lily Tomlin (Frankie). These testy frenemies become housemates after their husbands come out of the closet and marry each other. Left to pick up the broken pieces of their marriages, they learn to accept and even love each other as they craft a new life together.

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I sure don’t miss this fracas.


Before you all yell at me, I know that I recently wrote a post about buying pajamas and now, I’m going to write about not shopping.

I really have stopped shopping. There were no Christmas gifts this year and no after Christmas sale shopping (except for the pajamas which I literally didn’t own).

Recently there was an article in the NYTimes about not shopping for a year. I was intrigued. Could I do it? [Read more…]