Few things in life are cozy AND glamorous

This year, I started a new love affair with pajamas.

When I was young and single, I slept nude, maybe with a string of pearls for poetry. Even in the iciest Manhattan winter, I would be toasty enough under my down duvet. I thought I was very cool.

Then I got married, still nude in bed. It was when I had children that I started with nightgowns. Kids would wander in at all hours, I’d have to get up quickly to tend to them, dash to the kitchen to warm milk.

I moved to the tropics. It was the time when T-shirts and undies, were de rigueur and I felt as cool as the sitcom stars (think Grey’s Anatomy) who wore T-shirts and undies on their shows. They were all I could bear in the heat.

I traveled to New York in November and found myself to be a houseguest in a very cold flat. I sought solace and style in flannel pajamas which I picked up by necessity. Suddenly I understood flannel pjs.

First they keep your warm. Second, they are so stylish! They are so vintage looking and wonderfully matchy matchy. You always look good in pajamas. You are deshabille, but chic! You can dine in your pajamas. You can answer the door in your pajamas.  You can entertain in your pajamas.

You can come home from work and put on your pajamas and look totally put together, as opposed to funky in sweatpants and a hoody.

In the past, I never liked to take up precious suitcase space with pajamas but now I consider them a must for travel. I can wander into someone’s living room fresh from the bed and look super swell, be warm, and presentable. I love the idea of monogramed pjs.

Not an earth shaking realization, my newfound appreciation for pajamas. But joy is in the details and this is my new detail. I’ll take pleasure wherever I can find it.

Wondering what your recent discoveries are, in any category. Also, do you wear pajamas or gowns? Any good sources for pjs? Oh, and bathrobes? You know how I feel about them!

xo Liza

P.S. Life’s back to “normal.” Although life’s anything but normal; life is always outstanding. Reading voraciously with one book in each hand. Watching Australian Open tennis in the middle of the night.

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are keeping warm this January. A light post today. Hope you’re all well, and I’m wondering what’s going on in your world these days. Won’t you take the time to share in the comments box below? It’s the most read part of the blog don’t you know!? If you enjoy being part of our witty, wise, wonderful group of savvy, stylish women, enter your email in the box above so you won’t miss a thing.




20 thoughts on “Few things in life are cozy AND glamorous

  1. I have a monogrammed bathrobe that was my cotton anniversary gift—my hubby does good gifts. I go back and forth on PJs, but generally love hanging around in a comfy pair. Marks and Spencer do lovely sets that aren’t too matchy. Tshirts and undies are the most practical.

  2. My best friend has her 68th birthday today and we are dining at a new Tapas/Gin spot in downtown Denver before we attend the state high school Intercontinental League musical event at the performing arts center. The young talent blows us away every year. My friend still teaches one night class on critical thinking for IB students, so she gets these tickets.

  3. I love love love my PJ’s I love to give PJ’s as gifts. I have a very hard time getting rid of my fav PJ’s. They are just so comfy

  4. I live in Florida and I’m on the hunt for short sleeved cotton pajamas. I have monogrammed long sleeved cotton pj’s from JCrew but the pastel colors they come in are unfortunately reminiscent of hospital wear. I’d love some vintage prints!

    1. Hi Barbara! Thanks for reading and writing! You might check out Garnet Hill. Vermont Country Store. Lands End. Or google “vintage print pajamas” and see what comes up! Carry on!

  5. It is sad that Nightwear is the one item I dont splurge on. I have saggy old nighties, t-shirts and a huge hot pink white polka dotted fuzzy housecoat that when dropped to the floor the chihuahuas curl up in. I have a hard time buying myself nice nightwear. I would love a set of matching flannel pjs but I find them pricey. Why is it so hard to treat oneself?

    1. Hi BJ! Thanks for reading and writing. Hmmm…flannel pjs are on sale now…since winter is apparently over. (haha) For less expensive options, Target carries flannel pjs. You deserve some gorgeous nightwear. It’s half of your life, obvs! I say, do it!

  6. I have my lifetime favorite robe that I’m sure will last many, many years – L.L. Bean’s: https://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/90069?feat=502982-GN3&page=winter-fleece-robe-zip-front&csp=f
    It’s perfection: very strong zipper, ankle length and fingertip sleeves than can be rolled up almost to wrist, and very thick, fleece, the best fleece I’ve ever come across. It’s the artic blue color.
    Defintiely too warm for Florida or southern California, but ideal for central Texas and north.

  7. Even though I live where the winter is cold, no flannel for me. It feels like I’m stuck to the sheets and can’t rollover. I prefer short sleeve Tees and long cotton pants—not easy to find. In the morning; I add a nice cardigan for around the house.

  8. Here’s the thing, I appreciate your new found pj pleasure, but for myself, pjs are just too warm and physically confining. At days end this bod needs to be unencumbered! My husband is always cold and I am always hot, the comforter gets thrown off me and around him. I like the look of pjs, but I think I’ll try the pearls route! Liza i enjoy all your posts! Have an amazing day~

  9. Your post hit the spot with me today Liza. I’ve been searching desparately for something to wear to bed in this hot sticky place where I live…Queensland Australia. Like BJ I find it hard to splurge on nightwear even though I love beautiful things.

    1. Hi Shirl! Thanks for reading and writing! I hope you find some nice light pjs and don’t think of it as a splurge! We deserve to sleep beautifully! Why not?

  10. I basically just wear leggings and a t shirt. A cute graphic t shirt or solid black. But it’s in the summer where I suffer. After 50 I can’t wear anything that’s not 100% cotton in summer months, or I’ll sweat like crazy. I’ve never been able to sleep in the nude, even when I was young. It always felt a little too exposed, and basically my crotch gets cold even in the summer. Go figure..I must be frigid! ha!
    One recent find which I love is Cuddl Duds fleece leggings for when it’s super cold or I don’t have a down comforter. They feel so yummy. I haven’t owned a pair of real pajamas but once in my life because the pants are always way too short.

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