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Along with all the articles at this time of year about new year resolutions are articles about how by the end of January, most people have abandoned their resolutions.

“Resolutions I can keep” is an idea I got from my daughter. When she told me hers, I was delighted because they seemed so doable instead of inspirational.  I’ve borrowed a few from her to adopt as my own, and added to the list.

1.  Drink more water.  Whenever I’m hungry or bored or in a transitional moment from one activity to the next, I’ll get a big glass of water.

(I just got up and got myself a glass of water.)

2.  Shop consciously. I’ve been down the Konmari decluttering route — I’ve got the “does it bring me joy” thing down –and the, “if you haven’t worn, used it in 6 months” get rid of it route. Now I’ve got to learn to buy smarter.

I’m aware that every time I buy something, I’m making a commitment to bring that thing into my life and home and let it take up not only physical, but mental/emotional space. The question I will ask myself before I purchase is: “Is this a future garage sale item?”  99% of the time the answer is yes. So, no.  The next question is: “Do I need this?” No, again.

To that end, shopping consciously for me means: buy local whenever possible. Buy only what I need. One in/one out. And: don’t buy. For grins, I will also keep a virtual bank account of $ I don’t spend to see how much I’m saving. Maybe I’ll put that money into a travel account.

3.  Write everyday.  Okay, I’m cheating.  I do write every day. I can’t live without writing — either on my blog, as a guest blogger, in my journal, some lines of poetry, or on the two books I’m working on.

4.  Love my body and my face.  Instead of making a resolution to lose x pounds, or complaining about my aging face, it’s so much easier to put on my lipstick, comb my hair and get out in the world with a smile.

5.  Go for a walk or exercise every day.

6.  Be present.  Live mindfully.

7.  Don’t judge people.

8. Take my time for a measured appraisal before saying, “Yes.” I will say, “Let me get back to you” and give it a think. I want to open up opportunities, but I’m tired of being a people pleaser.

What about you? Any resolutions that you can keep? Give us your ideas.

xo Liza

Hello my lovelies! About now, the second week of January, most people have already abandoned their resolutions, believe it or not! Making resolutions you can keep is empowering. Please share in the comments box below; we’re all ears! We like to learn from each other. And if you enjoy being part of our wise, witty, wonderful group of savvy, powerful, stylishly smart women, enter your email so you don’t miss a thing.

3 thoughts on “Resolutions I can keep

  1. Thank you and your daughter for this list, it’s like you read my mind! And I agree only resolutions that I can keep.

  2. I’ll borrow 6 and 8, if I may. Actually, I am writing them on a piece of paper and sticking it on my mirror. I often feel I am just rushing headlong through life without nearly enough time to “smell the daisies”, in my case it would be “smell the coffee”. And anyone who knows me knows I am way too pre-disposed to say, “yes”, to almost anyone’s request. Bad, bad, bad.

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