A Christmas like no other


This year I did something I’ve never done before. I escaped Christmas. In the days leading up to “the big day” I baked the cookies and gave out the tips to service people. I went to a few parties and bought a little gift here and there.

But right now, as you perhaps are cleaning up ribbons and wrappings, I am digging my feet into the warm sand. Just a three day escape to change things up.

It is my way of announcing to the world (and to me) that “things have to be different around here.” It is to teach me to be flexible and spontaneous and mostly to embrace the new. It was time to step out of the (beloved) family traditions — the smoked salmon on pumpernickel and the caviar blini, the frosty champagne, the beef wellington and the buche de noel.

I’m not particularly a beach person. I like the beach well enough, but I don’t crave it, as some people do. The drive to Tulum where I am at the moment, is but a three hour drive from my house. Here I am sitting with strangers from cold, northern climes who are soaking up the sun and chugging the margs.

This winter Caribbean is too chilly, for this tropical gal who’s used to 100F weather, to be sunbathing in a suit. I’m cozy in a delicious hoody — precious since it’s from the now defunct American Apparel. I am given over to a delicious novel. There’s a bottle of serious wine to accompany a can of award winning pate (really!) my DD brought me from the Aveyron. A jar of cornichons, some fine crackers, a bar of chocolate and some crisp apples. My Christmas on the beach.

Wishing you peace and love, today and always.

xo Liza

P.S. You can see photos from my trip if you click on the Instagram photos on the bottom right of this page.

Merry Merry to you amazing lovelies who are reading this all around the world. Do take a teensy minute and tell us how you are spending the day, the week. Thoughts? Wishes? C’mon, chime in, in the comments box below! We’d love to hear from you and share your holiday. If you enjoy being part of our wise community of witty, savvy, stylish, life loving women, enter your email in the box above so you don’t miss a thing.


6 thoughts on “A Christmas like no other

  1. aaahhh, such a wonderful image in my head of your 3 day break, and time for contemplation. Then I clicked over to your instagram page and love the photo of your friend sitting in the water! For some reason though, every time I’ve visit your instagram site I find myself gravitating toward that delicious photo of that pumpkin pie!!!! Now, I’m hungry again!
    Here’s to a happy 2018 Liza. Thank you for your writings!

  2. Beautiful photos— a great way to spend the holidays!

    Early Christmas Eve, when there were still nice restaurants open, my adult daughter and I ate at. a restaurant of her choice. She prefers Italian food.

    Christmas morning, we have bakery pastries purchased the previous day. and open gifts. Hers are gift cards (her favorite shops & restaurants & beauty salon) worth varying amounts of money in separate gift bags with colored tissue paper, which we reuse each year. She would be disappointed, if we didn’t recycle.

    For Christmas lunch, it was movie cafe food, followed by a movie of her choice. This year’s movie was “The Shape of Water.”

    Our “Christmas tree” was once used as a table decoration, when I cooked big meals. It requires no decorating and goes back in a bag in the closet to be reused next year.

    It’s a fairly stress free way to celebrate the holiday at home at this stage in life for me and her, since she works both before and after the holiday and can’t take time off to travel like we once did.

    1. Paula! Thanks for reading..and for writing. I loved hearing about your cozy, stress free Christmas. Things change, times change, we change. It’s all great!

  3. Some would say Magical. Snow in Seattle on Christmas! It happens about every 10 Year’s. There is nothing like the beauty of snow on all our trees. But, things change. I was concerned about driving in it. Awe, age…
    only five for Christmas Eve as one family chose to go skiing. Things change.
    Christmas Day I chose to cook dinner for 11 who had no place to go. No family, no home
    A new tradition. Things change
    All is well

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