The week before Tropical Christmas


Last year, as 2017 began, I wrote a post called The Year of Living Passionately.

I must say, I got what I asked for. It was passionately intense. It wasn’t passion pretty, it was passion difficult. It involved my daughter writing, finishing and presenting her thesis. A “surprise” hip replacement surgery and the months long rehabilitation afterwards. My son started a new job in Cancun (code for: I helped him outfit his flat) and my daughter left for France to see if she wanted to settle there. (She does). A bucket list trip (meaning: big and expensive) to Alaska that ended with me in an emergency room in Ketchikan, Alaska on the last day.

This was followed by a challenging month of October as I pursued doctors to discover what was happening to my body, and included an emotional trip to see a failing, beloved uncle, and ending up in another emergency room, this time in Chicago, Illinois. And I am not a sickly person! Then back to Tropica, downsizing, cleaning, decluttering in preparation for a house sale that fell through (it was a good dress rehearsal for the real thing), and in a few days, a Christmas like no other. (Which I’ll tell you about next week.)

But wait, the year’s not over yet! This past weekend I had to put my dog down. Big punch in the soul. Life moves on, inch by inch, changing on a dime. Nothing ever stays the same.

For the first time in my life, this year was largely about health issues. What will it be next year? This is what I’ll think about this week as we slide into Christmas.

Tell me about your year. Any theme running through it? Of course there was! And we want to hear about it, so share below!

In the meantime, stay “calm and bright.”

xo Liza

Hello my lovelies! Puh-leeze sum up your year for us below. The good, the bad and the ugly. And the fabulous if you’ve got it! And next week, we’ll talk about hopes and dreams for 2018. The comments box is waiting below, so participate! Be heard! Share!  And if you like being part of our community of wise, witty women who live with style, passion and panache, enter your email in the box above so you don’t miss a thing.

14 thoughts on “The week before Tropical Christmas

  1. Another year of changes–move to a new and very different place, thinking about what the next (and likely last) move of my career will be, maintaining balance and resilience when facing work challenges, trying to decide where we will live in retirement–which is fast approaching. Sending you hugs, strength and peace for the coming year–as well as hoping that you get to live passionately in the way you were hoping for.

  2. Liza, I am sorry to hear your sweet doggy had to be put down. I feel like I was one of the last people outside the family to say “goodbye” to him.
    I’ll be thinking about a recap of this last year and will try to make it brief. T’is the season to be thoughtful, although I tend to think much more about the future than the past.

  3. thank you for this resume of the year. Inspiring.
    I had the realization today that all the work done on myself at the beginning of the year (the three months at Yasodhara Ashramin the YDC), is baring fruits just now. I feel more centred and empowered. I trust my intuition more and act consequently. It was a very challenging year for me too, with a lot of self investigation.
    Merry Holidays

  4. So sad about your dog, our pets are so important to us.

    My year has also been passionate – – I have not been able to give up on watching and reading about our national politics, then writing letters and making calls. I made a little handstitched book – – just for me – – with a focus on finding calm in my life – – music, cooking, gardening, etc. I did some watercolors – – new for me.

    In my third year of retirement, I have traveled: 3 wonderful weeks in Spain, a trip with friends to Big Bend. My husband and I are going to Maui on Thursday to spend Christmas with my 88 year old mother, two sisters, and extended family. I’ve never had a tropical Christmas before.

  5. Hi Liza!
    I’m still contemplating your last post, it’s not just a scarf…..and it’s not! So much goes into the making of something, the least of which is your heart.
    You have had quite a year my friend! Did you get your illnesses figured out?
    Are you on the mend?
    This year has been calm and peaceful for me, which I am so grateful for. None of us know what is on the horizon, but keep looking forward.
    Happy Holidays!

  6. My theme this past year is “bloom where you are planted” instead of wishing things were different. So many good deeds to be done, beauty to appreciate and new ways to embrace an ordinary day. I’m practicing reframing my thoughts for the new year to accept that all is well if I stay in the present moment.

  7. Wow, you really did have a busy/messy/expensive year! I love the way you mention the positive in all of it. I’d be exhausted! I too am sad to hear about your pup. We just went through a bout of pneumonia with our 14 year old dog.
    I’ve been working on letting go of my last kid, who is 19 now. He’s still in our basement, but I’m learning to stop hovering…you know, the helicopter parent. That’s been me! How much easier is life, when we can just “let go!” Especially letting go of our expectations of others.

    One of the great lessons learned this year: I can go to bed as late as I want and get up when I want to without guilt! Living with my small dog and an amazing view from my new apartment has eased the transition from big house to lovely, though small 1 bedroom apartment. I learned that if I still have boxes still needing to be unpacked and an art area to be designated, I don’t have to do it now. No one is here to judge me and I’m kinder to myself about such things.
    No traveling, no masterpieces produced, our NPR station is not received well in this monolith of concrete and glass. I have, however, felt a sense of bliss building.
    Thank you for this outlet and your wonderful mastery of written communication.
    Be well, and as others have posted, I’m very sorry about the loss of your little companion.
    Albany, NY

    1. Debra, your comment was just what I needed to read on this morning after Christmas when I find myself a bit shaky about “things.” Thank you for writing, and for joining our merry band of women trying to live it and love it, and figure it all out. Carry on! xo

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