My tantrum about beauty and views


I have decided that my new, “must have” at this moment in my life is: a serious view.

As many of you know, my house in Tropica is for sale and I’m contemplating moving back to colder climes. But when I look at what I can afford…it’s not appealing, it’s rather appalling.

Recently I visited a friend in Seattle.  From her kitchen and living room she has a panoramic view of Mercer Island, a lake and Mt. Ranier. It’s soul filling and dreamy. Even though the house itself is modest, it’s the view that makes this house worth millions, certainly beyond my means.

Another friend has a condo overlooking Vancouver bay with a major view of water, islands, boats, twinkling city lights.

Which brings me to my gripe. This is not about being jealous of my rich friends. It’s about: Why do views cost so much? Why is it that only the wealthy can have views?  Does this mean that beauty belongs only to the rich and the rest of us are supposed to do with less or none?

What does money have to do with beauty?  Aren’t poor people entitled to beauty too? Shouldn’t beauty be egalitarian? Does the world think poor people don’t want beauty? Why has beauty become expensive? Aren’t we all, as human beings, entitled to beauty?

Of course it’s a question of supply and demand.  There aren’t that many space with views, therefore, they go to the highest bidder.

The Korean beauty industry democratized skincare. They realized the desire for beautiful complexion is not limited to wealthy women who can afford high priced, scientifically advanced products. Middle class and lower class women wanted beautiful skin too. And so began the phenomenon of K Beauty, making beautiful skin accessible for every women.

A new home or flat with an amazing view is my next goal. A view makes me happy. It lets me look into the heart of nature, into the future, the distance, to something untouchable and cosmic. A view that will feed and inspire my soul.

Clearly, I’m not going to get my view with money.  I’m going to have to get it with cleverness and smarts.

It’s an interesting and challenging goal. I’ll let you know how it goes.

xo Liza

P.S.  It’s Sharlotka weather! Get out your apples and bake this wonderfully simple treat.

Hello my lovelies! Cool air is just barely starting to drift into Tropica. How I miss classic autumn! Okay, so tell me, what do you think about wealth and beauty? I’m waiting to be inspired by your insigtful thoughts in the comments box below. And if you like being part of our sassy, smart community of wise and witty, life loving women, enter your email so you don’t miss a thing.

14 thoughts on “My tantrum about beauty and views

  1. Hi Liza,
    I know exactly what you mean about having a view, especially with a water feature.
    It opens the heart, makes you breathe more deeply and lets the happiness hormones flow.
    Good luck in your search and I am sure you will let us know where you end up!
    Seattle is a great choice, as is the entire Pacific Northwest. Oregon, maybe?

  2. Hi Liza, I understand totally your quest. I live in Seattle and have seen it turn from affordable views to only the rich. I’ve lived in some fabulous places and now have moved to a small condo – not with a view but a marina within a mile. I have two thoughts for you as I have done the same. One is to housesit – I lived for nearly 3 years in an amazing 6700 sq. ft house with a full view of the sound because I would live there during the winter while the owners went to Hawaii. The other thing would be to trade houses – so many people from this area want to move to Mexico but want to try it out first. Maybe you would find the same – trying it out first. Just some thoughts…

  3. Hi Liza
    Try New Zealand! I moved here from the UK 10 years ago. It’s a stunning country, population just over 4M, and affordable views around every corner. Sea, mountains, hills and forests (NZ bush). Lynn

  4. Lisa
    I have lived in the Seattle area almost all my life. How lucky is that! But Seattle has become a “ big” city with all the problems that come with city life. I have a very modest income and do not want to spend it on property taxes. So I have moved to Mason county. The poorest county in WA. I’m a ferry ride from Seattle, an hourlong drive to the ocean, the Olympic parks are in my back door, the cabin on the beach rents for $750 a month. I bought a 1000 sq ft home and gutted it so I can see the water from all of it. If you are retired, or can work from home, this is still a steal. Come visit me in Shelton WA

    1. Karen, you are brilliant! You did it! I may just take you up on that visit., you never know! Thank you for writing. Your situation is entirely inspiring to all our readers who want a better lifestyle for less. Carry on!

  5. A talented Mexican designer friend always discouraged clients from yearning for and building their lives and houses around a view. Trees grow, conditions change, buildings intrude, neighbors find ways to annoy. Instead, shape the space you control to create beautiful internal vistas and views, indoors and out, that are soul-satisfying even if small in scale. Something to think about as you venture forth.

  6. Hello Liza! I live on the Oregon Coast and would LOOOOVE to visit the tropics on a regular basis. Have you thought about house trading for periods of time? We haven’t tried it yet, but are beginning to give it serious thought. It seems like a good way to experience new areas (with views!) without making any major mistakes! I hear there are plenty of venues out there to do just that. And now there is yet ANOTHER reason to declutter and minimalize!

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