Hello new word in my life!  How could you have eluded me for so long? Welcome! I hope to be using you a lot! Maybe it’s a new word for you too?

I was on the phone with an Italian friend who has, herself, a bubbly personality. “I have a bottle of Prosecco for you,” she said in her evocative, sultry accent. “It has a very nice flavor and a wonderful perlage.”

My ears perked and I sat up straight. I love learning a new word in any language and especially one as delicious sounding and promising as perlage.

Perlage is a French expression which comes from the word pearl. It relates to the description and quality of the bubbles in Prosecco or any bubbly drink, such as Champagne. A good perlage is a string of bubbles so finely following one another as to create the illusion of a pearl necklace. If the bubbles are loosey goosey, hither and yon, disappearing quickly, it’s not a good perlage.

From now on, on my Champagne Tuesdays, I will be paying attention to the perlage of my various bubblies.

But I’m also going to apply perlage to me. I’m all about effervescence — bubbles of pleasure, jeté-ing like ballerinas in a line, up, up and away.

Wishing you great perlage, my lovelies!

xo Liza

P.S.  A super short post this week because as I as write this I’m getting on a plane for a bucket list trip! So I just wanted to keep in touch, and next week, I’ll tell you where I am!

Have you learned a new word recently? If so, do tell. These are the little moments of life that add zest! And, maybe now when you pour your bubbly, you’ll notice the perlage in a new way. Chit chat with us in the comments box below. It’s one of the most fun parts of the blog. If you enjoy being part of our wise, witty community of stylish women, living life to the max, enter your email in the box above so you won’t miss a thing.



5 thoughts on “Perlage

  1. In your honour I have just poured myself a glass of pink bubbly – and the Perlage is quite impressive! 🙂
    Have a wonderful trip – can’t wait to read all about it.

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