Life saturated & Vikings!

Something happened on my birthday in July. This year I threw myself a party. You know you can do that don’t you? Don’t wait for someone to throw you one…do it yourself and be fab!

It was a magical midsummer night’s eve. An adult version of a kids’ party: a long table studded with flowers in tiny vases, flickering votives, sequins tossed about, streamers winding in amongst the flowers and candles, games with prizes and party favors. Gourmet pizza and fine Italian wine. A spell was cast. A month has passed and it feels like a year. I experienced a shift in time, in perception, in depth. Life: saturated. Each day passing rapidly in slow motion, filled with meaning, time, space, activity. Even the “boring” days. This new depth of living was my gift.

One of the things I did this summer was devour the History Channel’s “The Vikings.” Oh my. After I got past the first 15 minutes of violence I was hooked. I had never even considered the Vikings before and now I’m studying all things Viking and planning a trip to Scandinavia. I must have been a Viking — so viscerally did I respond to the ambientation. When the longboats appeared I felt a familiarity in my soul. The food they ate, the clothes, the climate, the beauty, the miserableness, the peace and violence coexisting as it does today.

What struck me deeply is how the series portrayed the Vikings living so in touch with nature and the supernatural. They listened to and believed in their dreams. They were receptive to their visions and paid attention to signs and premonitions. To sit on a boulder on top of a mountain staring across the fjord, watching the cloud formations and coming back with a revelation forged in the fresh air. Signs are everywhere, in how the birds fly or in the chill wind that blows at the wrong moment. They allowed themselves to savagely wallow in the bigger mysteries of life.

I, who am as attached to my mobile as anyone finds this greatly appealing. I don’t want technology to suck the life out of my life.

So I’m returning to the birds and the clouds.To let nature speak to me and guide me. To take dictation from my dreams. I want to mythologize the experience of my life. Yes, a saga.

These are my end-of-summer thoughts. Summer: lived and loved. Bring on the fall!

xo Liza

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7 thoughts on “Life saturated & Vikings!

  1. Lol Liza, the Vikings must have a wry sense of humour too if you feel a familiarity with Them! Your writings always make me smile.
    Keep on visualizing!

  2. I like Viking history also. For your trip planning, I was surprised to find quite a bit of Viking influence in Great Britain. And you really should stop in Iceland on your way home.

  3. We loved the Viking series! Violent and mystical and thoroughly compelling. As you can see, however, much of their “influence” in eastern Engliand was due to rape and pillage. This is not a series for the fainthearted.
    Regarding summertime, much of my time this summer was spent reflecting back on my own,long-yet-unexpected history in Tropica. I also found myself trying to put on the brakes so my 70th birthday never rolled around in September. Didn’t work.

  4. I too love “Vikings” – can’t wait for the next season! Just over a year ago 3 friends and I travelled up to Ottawa to see a touring exhibit that had come from Scandinavia – part two of the exhibit was in NY – now the NY part is coming to Toronto and I’m very excited to see that portion.
    I have been to Iceland and highly recommend a trip – as Mary Frances said – you can stop over on the way from the US to Scandinavia.
    I also feel a connection – I had my DNA history analyzed as part of the National Geographic Human Genome project (my path out of Africa) – I headed straight north until I hit the Baltic Sea! I can only assume that I made it down to Scotland via one of those Norse Raiders! 🙂

  5. Your comment “I’m returning to the birds and the clouds.To let nature speak to me and guide me” resonated so much with me. Many years ago we were at anchor off Lizard Island in Far North Queensland enjoying a wonderful sunny winter’s day, when I noticed that the sea birds that were normally scouting along the beach were desperately seeking shelter in small crevices amongst the rocky headlands. There was no sign of any approaching storm but we started to feel uneasy. Suddenly a howling wind and torrential rain came through the gap in the island and hit us with such ferocity that we dragged our anchor, luckily we were able to avoid the rocks behind us. The storm only lasted a few minutes but had it not been for the birds’ unusual behaviour giving us a warning we may have suffered some damage.
    I now observe animal behaviour much more closely!

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