The life changing magic of yoga


It will soon be six months since I had my life changing hip replacement surgery. If you were to see me jumping around now, you’d never imagine that the day after surgery I could only move my toes.

One of the reasons I had such a good recovery was yoga. On the morning of my surgery, I got onto my yoga mat and did a farewell yoga practice. I knew I wouldn’t be able to practice yoga for a long time. I cried as I thanked and said goodbye to my unaltered body; soon there would be a titanium and ceramic prosthesis inside of me. I said good bye to certain poses I would never be able to do again, like the child’s pose, one of the most basic, delicious poses in yoga.  Apparently, a new hip doesn’t like the geometry of this pose.

A few days after my surgery, my physiotherapist was surprised at my agility and ability to move in a way that wasn’t expected at that early post surgery stage of recovery.  Good muscle tone was a result of the years of yoga I had practiced.

My yoga practice also developed in me a kinaesthetic sense that helped greatly with my physical rehabilitation. I understand movement and my body’s response to it; I was able to isolate muscles and follow instructions in my daily physio routine.

Yoga is the way to age.  Yoga is an aging body’s best friend.

Yoga is about flexibility, agility, balance and strength. It’s gentle and meditative. Pleasant and challenging at the same time. There’s no competition, it’s all about you and your body’s personal history of life on this earth.

If you have ever thought yoga isn’t for you, I ask you to give it a try. I guarantee that you’ll feel better after your first yoga practice. Start privately in your home if you like, with these videos designed especially for older women. I’m working with them now as I regain the strength and confidence to return to my yoga studio in the fall.

Summer is drifting away. Hope you are feeling splendid. Love yourself! Om!

xo Liza

P.S.  Do you practice yoga? If yes, share your experience. If you don’t, why not? Comments box, waiting below!

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7 thoughts on “The life changing magic of yoga

  1. Great to hear about the power of yoga and rehabilitative yoga too! Good to hear that you’re doing so well and that yoga has helped so much! I started using the videos you link to early this year and they made me feel so strong and I joined a gym. Then my body kind of fell apart. Bursitis, back arthritis, the titanium plate in my neck from a surgery when I was 50, all flared. I so want to get back into yoga as I love to hear stories such as what you’ve written here. There is hope! I go for an MRI next week to try to figure out what the heck is going on. Om on! I will hopefully be there soon too! 🙂

    1. Hi Virginia. Thanks for writing. Be gentle with your body. Get a personal trainer or a personal yoga teacher. You don’t want to strain or stress problem areas. Restorative yoga might be just the thing for you. Go easy! And good luck!

  2. Hi Liza, thanks for sending the link – I actually bought these videos when they first came out (love Sixty and me!) and forgot that I still have access to them. Your story gave me the gentle kick-in-the-butt I need to start this the series … Greetings from Berlin!

  3. I had tried yoga a few times over the years but have to admit – I found it rather boring. I also had trouble with a number of the “bends” due to my big boobs. They kept telling me to bend lower and I kept trying to explain that that would be a bit difficult! 🙂

    However, my mobility has become a bit compromised over the years due to RA & Fibromyalgia, along with a couple of damaged knees and I was a bit frustrated so a friend recommended I try Chair Yoga – which I did – reluctantly. But to my surprise I actually enjoyed it – the instructor was really good about adjusting moves for me and it felt good to be able to move again. I am recovering from knee surgery at the moment but intend to return in September.

    1. Hi Margie. Thanks for writing. I think a gifted yoga instructor is one of the keys to learning to love yoga. A really gifted teacher makes yoga conform to your body’s needs, instead of you having to force yourself into postures or bends that you can’t comfortably do. I’m glad the chair yoga helped…it is amazing, isn’t it!? Try to find a studio or teacher that is attuned to the needs of older bodies. Yoga is for everyone, not just for young people twisting into pretzels. Brave one, for recovering from knee surgery. Go forth and be gentle with yourself.

  4. Liza,

    As you know, I came to yoga very late in life and will never get over being sorry about that. It is physically and emotionally transformational.
    Margie, if you were bored, get another teacher! Ours almost knows our bodies better than we do. She challenges us gently but keeps us going in the right direction. I have, by the way, the same “boob problem” you describe and it just means small adjustments are necessary.

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