Champagne Tuesdays


Last week I enjoyed a Friday afternoon movie with an old friend of mine who I don’t see too often. Recently widowed, he hasn’t been going out much, plus, not so many great adult movies to see these days.

After the movie, I had a dinner to attend. As we parted, I asked him, “So what are you going to do now?” He thought and then perked up. “It’s champagne Friday!  I get to drink champagne today.”

Well, flummox me.  I’m xty x years old and it never occurred to me to institute champagne Fridays?  How brilliant!  Especially in this moment of life, when I’m devoted to celebrating my life, i.e. my birthday, every single day of the year.

Yep. That’s my attitude now. The time horizon clouds in a little. Being a femme d’un certain age makes life seem more fragile and uncertain. Nevertheless, I stride bravely and with great style into the future. My motto: celebrate wherever and whenever you can.

But then I got to thinking, Friday was sparkly enough and maybe it doesn’t need champagne to make it anymore fun that it already is. How about another day of the week that needs some pep?

Monday is the obvious choice, but Monday speaks to me of cozy taking care. A full week looms ahead.  Monday is about soup and a movie, calling for strength and comfort. Wednesday is everyone’s least favorite day and is called “hump day” for that reason.  It’s the obvious choice, but champagne Wednesdays is clunky in sound and concept.

Tuesday is an ignored day.  I love Tuesdays. By Tuesday things are working well; it’s a productive day. Champagne Tuesday it is. Doesn’t have to be champagne per se, it can be Prosecco or Cava, or Lambrusco or Asti Spumonte.  Anything with bubbles.  It could also mean sparkling seltzer with cranberry juice and a lime.

It’s about the bubbles.

Do you have a ritual you do on a certain day of the week? I’m all ears.

xo Liza

P.S.  Knitting and reading my way through August. Dashing across the peninsula to the Caribbean to help my son set up his apartment. It’s a business trip, okay? But I will be staying in a lovely hotel. Photos to be posted on Instagram. Link is on this page.

Hello my lovelies!  I hope you have some sparkling ideas to share about rituals you observe occasionally or on certain days of the week. Never too late to borrow a great idea! Comments box below is awaitin’! If you enjoy being part of this witty, wise group of stylish, life loving women, enter your email in the box above so you don’t miss a thing.


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