My annual Dog Days of August Post – 2017


I tend to staycation in August because I like to travel off season when prices drop and kiddies are in school. (Bucket list trip coming up in September!) However, as I click through Instagram, enjoying the photos of people enjoying their glam vacations, I do feel the occasional stab of envy.

Tropica is like France in August: the locals disappear, mostly to their beach homes. The streets of Meriland are left to tourists, wandering blindly in the inhospitable, suffocating heat.

I love the dog days of August. Traffic is nonexistent, restaurants are empty. Tranquility and good service.

My charge to myself in August is to find new ways to get lost in my life.  To transform my daily usuals into unusuals.

Basically, I declare that no one can tell me what to do in August. There are no rules in August. I dare myself to be lazy in creative ways and at odd times. It’s total anarchy at my place — but in a calm, snoozy way.

For some reason I do a lot of test baking in August.  I know, the idea of an oven on in this heat? Well, it’s hot anyway, so I put on my bathing suit and bake.

I guess it’s about falling in love with my life again. Pretending I’m in a new and exotic place, seeing things through a tourist’s vacationing eyes.

I’m off to buy parchment paper for today’s favorite Lemon Drizzle cake. Reading: Alaska by James Michener. Listening on Audible: The Quiet American by Graham Greene. Knitting: Gradiant Cowl. Movie to see this week: Dunkirk.

Okay my lovelies, scram! Get lost in your dog days. Livin’ it and lovin’ it. I’ll be posting the pix of my life on Instagram, link below.

xo Liza

P.S. I know it’s a “lite” post, but hey…it’s the dog days!

Hello my lovelies. Do you have any special way you live in August? What are your projects? Tell all so we can get some ideas. The comments box, a favorite part of the blog, is waiting below. If you love being part of our witty, wise and life loving group of women, enter your email so you don’t miss a thing.




7 thoughts on “My annual Dog Days of August Post – 2017

  1. Dog days of August – yes! For me it is like the second half of December – the world is on hold and everyone’s excuse is “on vacation”. I love what the French then call “la rentrée” – the re-entering, coming back to “real” life at the beginning of September. Usually the date coincides with Labor Day in the US.

  2. Today I’m in Snowmass Colorado at a pottery workshop for two weeks. As I sit here this evening with my glass of wine I think how fortunate I am. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains, cool evenings, wonderful potters from all over our world. In my mind it doesn’t get any better!

    1. 😱 I’m so jelly! (that’s millennial for jealous). I love pottery, mountains, wine, cool weather. You have it going on! Enjoy to the max!

  3. This is my first summer of not working since I was 15 so I have been enjoying it! I went on a short driving holiday in late June and July has been a very busy Staycation – going to lots of places in town that I have never got around to visiting or haven’t visited in many, many years.
    I have a few more things on my list to do in August but I also anticipate a bit more downtime as things get hotter and more humid. I have a pile of books to get through and a few movies I’d like to see and I’ll be meeting friends for lunch and for brunch but nothing too strenuous – I’ll gear up again in September.
    I don’t bake at this time of year and also do very little cooking (I’ll batch cook something like salmon or chicken early in the morning before it heats up) but otherwise it’s a lot of salads, cold meats and hard boiled eggs. You are a brave soul to bake in the summer heat.

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