2017. Half Over or Half Full?


Hello my lovelies! It’s July! 2017 is half over. In six months we’ll be musing about how quickly the year went, wondering where it went and thinking about the new year.

Let’s take a moment.  How have the first six months of 2017 been for you?  How can we reap the best of the rest of the year? What do we need to change? Or is everything going swimmingly?

2017 has been like nothing I expected or wanted when it started out. It’s been difficult a challenge.

I will spare you the medical blah blah, but briefly: I caught the flu whilst on a trip in January and was wheel chaired off the plane when I arrived back home and into bed for two weeks. In February I ended up in the E.R. for something else and spent two nights in the hospital. And then suddenly in April, it dawned on me that I needed to have a hip replacement and so boom, did that.

Like I said, not what I expected. Up until 2017, I was lucky to be a very healthy person and never experienced what I have in the first half of 2017.

There are six months to turn around 2017. So time to make hay whilst the sun shines and make it count. I’m working on everything about myself this year. I have the freedom now to craft my life exactly to my design. No more expectations or obligations.

Getting into good shape both with physiotherapy and nutrition. Walking and swimming. Working on two books. Making a huge effort to become more social. (I’m definitely a hermit.) Decluttering here and there, every single day. Oh, here’s a biggie: I signed up for social security. I earned it; it’s mine now. It shook me up a bit, I have to admit.

So I just wanted to share with you my sense of urgency. We’re always shocked at how quickly the time passes.  Let’s live big and full, my friends.

xo Liza

P.S. I’d love to hear about your 2017 thus far. Good?  Not so good? What happened? What has changed?  Or not changed? New goals? Tweaking things?

Hello my lovelies! We are all looking forward to hearing your reports about your 2017 so far. We cheer you if it’s been great, and we cheer you on if it’s been not so. The comments box awaits you below. If you enjoy being a part of our community of wise, witty, life loving women, enter your email in the box above so you don’t miss a thing.



5 thoughts on “2017. Half Over or Half Full?

  1. Very well put. We are on the journey together. I wish you well and lots of fun along the way. Stop and enjoy.

  2. What a hard six months for you, health-wise, but it looks like you are rebounding at this point. My personal mantra is, “Easy does it. If I push, things usually backfire.” Boy, has this held true for me, especially when it comes to fitness and rehabilitation. My friend always said, “Be gentle with yourself.” So go ahead and do all the things you’ve got planned for the next six months, but cut yourself some slack from time to time.
    I love your blog and it is a gift to many of us. Thanks!

  3. Just found your blog so working my way through some older posts.
    The first half of 2017 has certainly been interesting…. I was laid off last Sept. (restructuring but somehow most of those affected were over 55) – but took the pkg. and then officially retired at the end of May. I enjoyed the first few months off but found January & February tough – it wasn’t an especially cold water but it was very grey and I found that it really affected me. March brought some knee surgery – it went well and has really helped my mobility although I still walk with a cane.
    Since I wasn’t allowed to look for some new work until officially retired I’ve felt as though I’ve been in limbo for the past six months. I am now trying to enjoy my first summer off since I was 15 – did a short driving holiday with a friend and now I’m being a tourist in my own city and trying to get in a lot of walking.
    I do feel the need for more of a routine and will be looking for part-time work come the Fall (and since money is a concern it will be nice to see at least a small paycheque again).
    I find that I actually accomplish more when I’m busy and feel a bit lost at the moment. Yes, it is nice to not have to set the alarm for the morning and to have the time to myself to read, visit etc. but I still feel the need to accomplish something and that I’m somehow wasting time at the moment. I tell friends who are coming up to retirement in the next year or two that it’s just as important to plan your time as it is to plan your finances.
    Oh – and living along in a big city also has it’s challenges (especially as a female living alone) – came home today to find evidence of a mouse in my pantry closet!! I’ve cleaned up and will be doing battle (and calling in the super) but there’s always something! I just read your post about finding the iguana in your bathroom – so you have my sympathies at all the cleaning you had to do after it’s removal!

    1. Hi Margie, Thanks for finding Camp Liza, and thanks for writing! Your story is so interesting and not that uncommon. Retirement is a process, and something to be designed. We don’t do it naturally. I write for 60 and Me, there’s a link on the lower right side of my blog. My latest article there is “Rick & Leo,” which talks about creating our retirement. I totally understand your “being at odds” with your current situation. You are not officially retired, or haven’t declared yourself retired, and are figuring out what you want to do next. Use this time as a creative time and create to your liking. Let us know how it goes! Carry on!

  4. Margie,

    If you’ve worked since you were 15, no wonder you are having a bit of difficulty “turning it off” quite suddenly. Part-time work should do the trick. It seems tho’ that there are probably many things that have interested you over the years that there just was no time for. Here in Tropica, many new retirees bridge the gap between full-time work and 0 paid employment by volunteering in our small English language library. It appears to me to be the perfect way to stay in the swing of things, meet new people and end the day with a real sense of accomplishment. I’m sure there are endless opportunities for such useful volunteering in Toronto.

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