A summer devoted to the rest of my life

What’s missing from this idyllic picture of the Ile St. Louis? Me, walking it! Soon!


On Tuesday it will be three weeks since I had my hip replacement surgery. How to give you an update without sounding all boring about medical blah blah, when there is so much more in life to think about.

And that’s the point. Get on with the health and recovery but put your attention on the delicious stuff of life that awaits.

Herewith some unoriginal thoughts because…it’s all been said before.

The body is a miracle. When it can, it will do everything it can to right itself. Nature takes its time for a reason. Nature knows best.

The surgery went well.  The first few days were grotty. Anesthesia brain, teariness, weariness, uncertainty, and the need to depend on everyone for every little thing. There are steps and stages in recovery, but each day I felt better by inches.

Accept all help that anyone offers. Say yes to friends, flowers, food. (My inclination is to not want to put anyone out, and say things like, “Oh, I’m fine. I don’t need a thing.”)

Hip replacement surgery is something I never imagined for myself. To lose temporarily my ability to stand up, support myself, walk, after years of playing tennis, hiking, skating, practicing yoga, seemed untenable to me.

My challenge: to relax into the process of recovery. I realized immediately I had to be nice to my body, my mind, heart and soul, and turn off the damned monkey brain that wanted to “ay yay yay.” I devoted myself to positivity. Whenever the doctor or anyone asked how I was, I said, “Great!”

My new religion and my new gurus: the wonderful physio therapists who have a strategy all worked out. If they say do five leg lifts, do five and no more. If you think well, I can do more, ten must be better, you’re wrong. You regress instead of moving forward. There is method to their method.

My new fashion accessories. The walker is a brilliant invention. God Bless the ugly toilet seat extension. It is the gracious throne of my life right now. My friend Sally saved my difficult nights by sending me Youtube links to hours long Indian ragas that lulled me to sleep.

Healing is an exercise of patience, acceptance, gratitude and more patience. I succumb to the pleasures of withdrawing from the world and all the deliciousness that it implies. Hours of knitting, movies, audiobooks. Naps whenever my eyes grow weary.

My wise friend Judy told me a long time ago, “The way you heal determines the quality of the rest of your life.” So take the time you need to heal well and right.

This summer I’m devoting myself to healing for the rest of my life. I’ll be in the pool getting strong with water exercises. I’ll be eating right and getting my body back, lean and strong. The rest of the time, I’ll be finishing an e-book I plan to publish in the early fall 2017.

This is the summer of planning with ferocity the renewal of my ability to stride pain free into my future. Ile St. Louis, I’m coming!

Thank you for all your lovely good wishes.  It means ever so much. If you face a challenging surgery, I hope my last two posts serve as the teensiest bit of  inspiration. Sending love and light!

xo Liza

P.S. The hardest part of recovery from hip replacement is having to sleep on your back. That’s about it.

P.P.S. Stay off Auntie Google if you’re headed into a medical procedure. Don’t fire your imagination. There are things you definitely don’t need to know! Be informed but don’t scare yourself!

Hello my lovelies! I’ve missed you, and would love to know what you’re all up to, what you’re thinking and planning for your summer. Please chat away in the comments box below. You can be sure I’ll read every single one.  If you enjoy being part of a community of witty, wise, stylish women who love life, then enter your email in the box above so you won’t miss a thing.

20 thoughts on “A summer devoted to the rest of my life

  1. Recovering your spirit as well as your health takes love and attention. So glad you are doing both for your body, Liza! There are down days but more up and especially when you have a goal. Wish I would’ve said ‘yes’ to friends – I went the strong way not to put anyone out. It’s silly because people want to be needed, let them.
    You are rocking this surgery and recovery!!

  2. Glad to hear that day by day in every way you are getting better and better. I have been thinking about you and sending love and healing vibes your way.

  3. Amazing attitude! I too wish I’d done more to listen to the body and realize that 5X is better than 10X even though everything in you wants to rebel and act like a superhero. All the very best but sounds like you are doing it right and will come through this with flying colours…and be a stronger you!

  4. That’s my girl! Spot on as ever, all the best advice and a total inspiration. Glad you’re on the road to recovery 💐 xx

  5. Hi Liza,
    Good to know that you feel better every day.
    I am grateful to you for the advice, not google to ask before a medical procedure!
    Unfortunately, I do this too often.
    I wish you that your recovery continues well.
    And please keep your positive attitude to life. As your reader it means a lot to me.
    Best wishes,

  6. Thanks for sharing your healing story. We are all healing a little bit every day in some way whether emotionally or with some physical issue. Your post was spot on!

  7. Hello Liza,
    So good to hear from you. You sound great! I am very happy for you! You have given us excellent advice and I am listening to it.
    May your days continue to flow along happily and bring you to the strong, healthy future you have worked for.
    Peace and Blessings!

  8. As always, you pick the gold nuggets from the chaff in any adverse scenario. So glad to hear you are on the way to full recovery. I’m looking forward to knowing you are back walking along the Seine soon. I also appreciate your wise words on how not to try to be a physical therapy super-heroine!

  9. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Thank you for sharing your journey with us, your words are so inspiring!

  10. As for the way “anesthesia” stays in your cells, a wise person once told me to soak in a hot bath with three fresh lemons, cut-up. Something about lemons “pulls” the drug’s effects from your body and gets you right again. (NOTE: I found your blog through Margaret at “Sixty and Me” so thank you to her…and you…for wisdom like this on the internet.)

  11. Liza,
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Love to read your blog. Good insights for the rest of us! Stay upbeat and hugs,
    Nancy G

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