My personal cookbook: one recipe a day and I’ll get it done!


You all know that I love to cook and bake.  I read food blogs and websites.  Cookbooks as bedside reading are a given.  Cooking is not only how I nurture and delight my family and friends, it’s how I explore, travel and taste the world right in my own home.

Lately, people have been after me to compile a book of the recipes I’ve cooked over the years that have become family favorites.  Now I’m not a recipe writer.  Whilst some of my recipes have come from my mother and grandmother…other family favorites have come from famous chefs, cookbooks and websites.

My people don’t care that the recipes aren’t my originals.  They just want everything in one place, so they can recreate them without having to call or write from afar and ask. It’s a family history.  A memoir of tastes and times.

There are online companies that provide templates and print your family cookbook. But I decided to do it in a more homemade manner because I wanted to have the space for creativity, to write memories and anecdotes, do a little scrapbooking amongst the recipes.

The compilation of a lifetime of my recipes seemed like a daunting task. I didn’t want to start it and then get overwhelmed and give up. So in order to make it doable, I’ve decided to write one recipe a day. Just one. I can do that!

When I’m satisfied with my collection, I’ll go to the marvelous copy/print shop and choose some heavy, creamy paper and wire binding. Voila! A priceless gift, a history of my life in the kitchen. Guaranteed delicious.

That’s my first recipe:  do something once a day and you’ll get the big job done.

xo Liza

P.S. Wasn’t it just Christmas?  Then Valentine’s?  Now Easter is upon us and Tropica has emptied out for its annual two week hiatus. Everyone’s left town for the beach or parts unknown. I need to be home for reasons I’ll disclose in the near future. So I’m pondering the delightful question of what shall I cook for Easter lunch. Gotta go now and write my recipe of the day!

Hello my lovelies! Tell us about a big project that you’ve accomplished, or one you’d like to accomplish. Let’s inspire each other! Join me with the “one a day” solution. The comments box is waiting for you below. If you enjoy being part of a lively community of smart, witty, stylish women, enter your email so you don’t miss a thing.

6 thoughts on “My personal cookbook: one recipe a day and I’ll get it done!

  1. I will certainly purchase your cookbook when you are done. I collect cookbooks that are somewhat personal. I could certainly use some guidance in my project. I am thinking if writing a fiction book for teenagers and can’t quit get myself started. Any advice on this large project?

    1. Hi Ginger. Great news that you want to write fiction for teens. My advice is, “Just do it!” There are so many methods to the madness of writing. See what works for you. For me, I sit with blank paper and brainstorm. From these notes comes a great first sentence. I don’t strive for perfection, rather, for output. I write a little each day. At the end, I have a “bad” book, that I then turn into a good book. Remember that writing is rewriting. I suggest Elizabeth Gilbert’s marvelous book, “Big Magic.” It will get you started and give you the courage and inspiration you need! Good luck!

  2. I love getting your posts❣️Your cook book sounds very interesting. I have enjoyed the recipes you have already shared.
    So, for me , it’s not a project as such but a whole load of little projects that I am getting through. All the projects I started or saved items for whilst the kids were young or I was too busy at the time to get to. For the past year!!! I have been finishing off embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, scrap booking , card making , bag decorating and other crafts. There is a flood of homemade gifts going out to all in my circle and a large pile building up for future gifting.
    It is very satisfying to be using all the items but has made me very aware to be careful of what I buy from now on. It’s just too easy to fall in love with a craft , buy up big and then you actually do need to get down and do it – sometimes I fall out of enthusiasm and am left with too many bits 😬

    1. Wow Irene, you sound busy. Glad you’re making use of all your craft stash. Good advice about not overdoing it… Carry on!

  3. Remember my new goal of “getting back to sewing”. Well, last week, my granddaughter and I made an adorable, cuddly pillow for her ecology class. She took all recycled materials (a couple of beat-up old sweaters, 30+ year-old buttons and sequins from my sewing basket, stuffing from an ancient bed pillow that was destined for the trash) and made a smiley-face pillow that will be given to elementary school children this coming Children’s Day. While I am sure I’ll never write a cookbook, I did enjoy introducing her to the art of sewing.
    Lisa: keep us updated on your progress. Knowing you, it will a collector’s item!

    1. Chloe, I love the idea of making a pillow with recycled things. I’ve made livingroom couch pillows from dresses, whose fabric was too precious to toss. I think introducing your granddaughter to “the art of sewing” is a beautiful gift. xo

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