Three New Passions


I’m adding three new things to my life this year, to explore and develop, and if things go well, adopt as official passions.  I made this decision because I find being a beginner so invigorating! Since no bridge player will teach me bridge (Don’t get me started. Bridge players hate to teach beginners and don’t want to play with them.) and golf will never be a thing for me, I landed on my new learning challenges quite naturally.

They are, in no particular order: Bird watching. (Are you yawning?) Flower Arranging. Photography.

The bird watching and photography arose because I’m going to Alaska next fall. Mobiles are fine for restaurant foodies and selfies, but I don’t want to stand in front of a glacier with a cell phone. On a recent trip to the U.S. I went into Best Buy and asked for the camera section. In the old days there were aisles of cameras, but now, there were a total of 15 cameras to choose from.

A pleasant half hour with a personable “product specialist” and I walked out with the perfect sized Sony with a good zoom lens and neat tricks. Sophisticated enough, but not too difficult a learning curve.

So now I’m going practice and develop my eye before the trip so that I’m not staring at a whale fidgeting with the “on” button. My work will appear in the virtual gallery known as Instagram.

Next, the birdwatching.  The packing list for the Alaska trip suggests binoculars.  I got right on that. Don’t want to be in a group of people oohing and aahing through their binocs and me just standing there.  Shocked to find prices into the hundreds and thousands of dollars. “It’s all about the optics,” everyone kept telling me. Did my research and purchased a good pair at Costco. Love Costco. They do their research and present you with the best at a decent price.

My high school BFF Jeanette is “an avid bird watcher.” (Is there any other kind?) I’ve often admired her lyrical nature trips with friends, wading the breezy shore in October, ambling through damp forests on warm winter days. People who birdwatch are crazy about it. Could I get crazy about it too? Seems like such a friendly, civilized, eco, way to spend time outside and meet new people. She’s coming to Tropica for her winter break and she’ll pass on her tips as we bob in the lagoon watching flamingos, cormorants, pelicans and all the other tropical birdies.

Now, flower arranging.  Used to be a fusty business. Thank goodness millennials made it chic and sexy. Cruise Instagram and Pinterest and you learn there’s a bevy of bright, talented young women with thriving floral design boutiques that make you want to open up shoppe.  Swallows and Damsons in the UK and Fox Fodder Farm in the US for starters.

Since I live in Tropica, my arrangements are going to be more…tropical.

So…that’s me in this second month of The Year of Living Passionately.

Now, what I’d really like to know right now is what new things, you my dear reader, are pursuing for yourself these days.  Won’t you please share in the comments below? Oh so looking forward to it.

xo Liza

P.S. Another thing I’m doing is catching up on all the Oscar nominated films so that I have an opinion on awards night. My DD taught me to live stream on my compu, so every night is movie night at my house.


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12 thoughts on “Three New Passions

  1. My new (old, actually) passion is sewing. I don’t plan to compete with the designers at fashion week but I do find it stimulating to do around-the-house stitchery repairs that I used to pay our tailor to do. I bought a new Singer machine and have found it very relaxing to be back in our game room, all alone, figuring out measurements, thread tensions, stitch widths and all that other mechanical stuff. My granddaughter has already asked me to make her a gathered skirt in a specific color, sized for her 00 figure. YouTube, here I come.

  2. Knitting does it for me. Living in New England, I’m able to use my creations or gift them to family or friends.
    I also enjoy collecting lovely, well-loved items from days gone by. I have to limit myself on these passions though!

    1. I’m a knitter too, Christine. My “problem” is that I live in Tropica…so no need for warm woolens here. But that doesn’t stop me because I adore yarns and the act of knitting. A lot of lucky friends up north get my creations. Carry on!

  3. Can you please make your font bigger when we are directed to the Read more….,The website is almost unreadable with the current font.

  4. Ohhh….just 3 passions ?……. hmmm….
    Okay, lets go with the “in the new year” part…maybe….

    There is so much I have weighing on my shoulders that I NEED TO GET DONE or completed this year! I only feel passionate about anything is at 3:00AM right after I’ve thought a bunch of things through and I’ve just turned the light off and I’m trying to get to sleep!! I guess you would call it obsessing! Then I’m awake until 5:00AM (just about when the birds start waking up and chirping loudly!!

    Thus I’m fried when I finally get up around noon or 1:00PM!
    It’s a viscous cycle with a few dog walks thrown in! Honestly, I was more excited about getting things done while I was in bed with my leg elevated after my recent knee surgery! I was so psyched! Now that I’m out of the full leg brace the only thing I’m working on is untangling a huge tumbleweed of four different skeins of yarn that the cats have been kneading over the last 4-5 years! It’s totally addictive and absorbing! (I am making “knitted knockers” with nipples or without, for mastectomy divas at Yale Hospital nearby as well as

  5. Stumbled onto your blog, it’s tastefully done with interesting stories and tidbits.. I don’t want to miss any of them therefore I am sending you my email.. Thank you, Myriam 🌷

  6. I’ve been following your blog for awhile now. AND want you to know how much joy and peace I get from it. I not only read your most recent but I go back to the years past and read a few to catch up. You definitely put life in prospective for me. You give me ideas for what I am so passionate about and I truly thank you so please keep it coming!!!

    1. Annette! OMG! (as the millenials say) you made my day! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. You are exactly my tribe! And I love knowing that you’re out there and that we’re all in this enjoyment of life, and grappling with stuff, together! Carry on! xo

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