Galantine’s Day

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Uh oh.  The stores are filling up with red stuff.  If it’s one thing I don’t like its red roses.  That means my “favorite” day of the year is approaching. Grrr. Don’t need to repeat it, so you can read all about it in the link.

Then my uber cool millennial daughter told me about Amy Poehler’s Galantine’s Day.  Now I’m inspired to celebrate!

So I’m throwing a teensy soiree to honor my gal pals. No red at this party. Bouquets of pink and white flowers. Pale pink kir royale. Lovely nibbles.  A pink cake or maybe Petits Fours.

“A party without a cake is just a meeting,” said Julia Child.

My goal for the party is a pretty space and relaxed, easy conversation. No stress entertaining.  I haven’t figured out the menu yet, but I want it to be delightful, unexpected, and easy on chef me.

Where do I find pink macarons in Tropica?

When my best friend got married she asked my advice for a good marriage.  “Have good girlfriends,” I answered.

“I wasn’t expecting that, but you’re absolutely right.”

Of course, first you have to marry the “right” man. But your mate can’t be everything to you or do everything for you. Having amazing gal pals can help get you though tough moments as well as provide many rich, happy fun times that take the stress off a marriage.

Making people feel special and loved is one of the things I most like to do. You, dear readers, thrill me.  To know that you are out there, sharing and enjoying my simple words means everything to me.  You are my virtual gal pals and I want to make you feel special and loved.


I salute you and wish you the love and warmth of your female friends this Valentine’s Day.

xo Liza

P.S.  I wrote this piece a week early so you have time to plan a party if it inspires you.


Hello my lovelies.  How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?  How do you celebrate it?  Do chime in with your thoughts below, because we want to know!  If you enjoy being part of our stylish thinking community of excellent women, enter your email above so you won’t miss a thing.







8 thoughts on “Galantine’s Day

  1. My earliest memory of Valentine’s Day is of the delightful heart-shaped box of chocolates my mother gave us to celebrate the Day. Later, the memories came from getting that special (heart-shaped, of course) message from the guy you flirted with across the aisle in junior high but whom you saw only at school. Still later, flowers (not necessarily red) and a special dinner. Now, in Tropica, going to a special restaurant on Feb 10 would be nearly impossible or, at the least, daunting. People really get into the festive mood. Traffic is horrible. Long lines at any decent restaurant. Every stoplight mobbed with flower vendors.
    I love the idea of a friendship-fest with girlfriends!

  2. Thanks for posting such a lovely alternative idea. It’s hard to ignore the “relationship” holidays that cannot be celebrated – Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc – because the other half is no longer around/alive. Social media and corporate marketing regularly remind you for weeks prior to the holiday of that particular void in your life. Instead of ignoring it we can make it our own loving but different celebration. By the way, your’s is one of my favorite blogs. I love your joie de vivre and whether you’re writing about your US roadtrip, your house, cooking or life in Mexico, you always strike the right chord!

    1. Hi Ann! Thanks ever so much for your excellent, thoughtful comment. And thank you for your lovely compliment — the right chord is what we’re going for. I’m so glad you’re a reader. Carry on!

  3. A friend who was recovering from widowhood organised a Ladies Dinner for Valentines. It was very confirming and she themed the gourmet meal beautifully. She said she loves spoiling people and we had a great evening. We were fine being man-free……

  4. Girlfriends are much more fun, interesting and love to laugh and get absolutely silly than the straight men that have been in my life!! They just put the finishing touch on any day we’ve been together!

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