Does your body hurt?

Mine does.

I recall my father saying to me when he was in his 70’s and 80’s: “My skeleton hurts.” I let it slide by, not understanding, not caring to understand.  That’s the arrogance and breeziness of youth.

Now I understand.  My skeleton hurts.  I guess I inherited it from him.

So, in addition to this being the year of living passionately, this is also the year of the bod.  My bod.

My motto for 2017:  My Body Is My Business.  In the way that a dancer’s body is her business. It’s the focus of her life. If she gets injured, she’s out of business.  So, she makes her body her business: she cares for it, trains it, rests it, exercises it, celebrates it.  Does whatever she needs to, to stay in business.

I have been graced with a long life and I need my bod now more than ever.  I want to live fuller than I ever have before.

This requires a body that doesn’t hurt. So I’m adopting the dancer mentality:  my body is my life.  Yoga and Pilates Gyrotonic are nonnegotiable, five days a week. Shedding the excess weight to liberate my joints is another.  And then:  walking.

I’ve got a lot of living to do.

xo Liza

Hey my lovelies! How are you feeling these days?  I’m aware of how much frailer I feel physically, and  I don’t like it.  While I can’t stop aging, there are certain things I can control and I’m going to give it a try.  Do share your thoughts below.  We all want to know what’s going on with you, what you’re thinking.  If you enjoy being part of a stylishly intelligent community of women, enter your email in the box above so you won’t miss a thing.

15 thoughts on “Does your body hurt?

  1. Hi Liza

    I started 2017 with passion and energy.
    My mini vacation to the oldest city in US,
    St. Augustine, Fla., revitalized my body and

    I feel so blessed everyday!

    Maria Elena
    Miami, Florida

  2. Yes, my body hurts and no one can explain it. It started before the election and has gotten worse since. My muscles are so tense no amount of therapy helps. It’s a new experience for me.

    1. Hi Ann, sorry to hear that. I decided im going to see a rheumatologist when I get back home after this quick trip to Chicago. Keep us posted if you can figure anything out. Carry on!

  3. I love the idea “My Body is My Business”. YES! And, my body is no one else’s business…no one else has permission to comment or give unsolicited advice about my body! Society does this to us on a daily basis and we need to be deaf and blind to all that the magazines and infomercials tell us we need, especially as we age. I started working out seriously when I was 45. Now, at 61, I am in the best shape of my life! Our body’s health needs to be a priority. I promise that making it so will make you a happier, healthier human being.
    Thank you for your inspiring posts Liza 🙂

    1. How great, Annie, that you are in the best shape of your life. I’m envious. I have to work towards that. Thank you for your inspiring words.

  4. Once again, I agree with you! And I am also determined to be more energized this year. I’m turning 69 in two weeks and starting to notice. No pain; I’m still on no meds, but my blood pressure goes up a little each year. Trying to eat right and exercise every day. Pilates is the best and keeps me strong and centered. And on other days I walk. We all have to support each other in this.

  5. I am 59 slightly overweight and determined to turn that around this year before it gets any worse so thanks for the support .. love this bog for support and encouragement thanks a million

  6. I am 59. Four years ago a hip arthrosis was diagnosed, which caused violent pain. It took some time until I recovered from this shock. As a journalist, I was traveling a lot and had to accept that the pain was always there.
    Today, I practice yoga six times a week, travel less, work as an author and am nearly always free of pain. My yoga mat is my constant travel companion.
    It took years, but now I am in peace with myself.
    Thanks for your inspiring blog!

    1. Heather, thank you for your inspiring story. I have some pain issues I need to take care of. I love how you put a new life together for yourself. That’s inspiring! Thanks for reading and writing.

  7. My Body Is My Business, that really speaks to me. I am retired but haven’t yet gotten into any kind of rhythm like when I was working. I need to put my body first in 2017 and really make it a priority. I have got a lot of living to do too. Just found this blog and will be checking back often. Thanks for giving me this new perspective.

  8. At one point a few – maybe 4 – years ago, every single muscle in my body except my hands was in such pain when I moved (I couldn’t even lift my arm above my elbow to reach for any thing! I couldn’t turn my head to check for oncoming traffic, I felt like i was trapped in a world of pain! I went to my (I thought he was the best!) orthopedist, he gave me an Rx after doing a round of X-rays, and said to come back in a week! The pain returned as the course of medication lessened and my next appt when he told me that I had the “vapors ” . You know, like the fainting woman on Masterpiece Mystery drawn by Richard Gorey!!! Jerk!

  9. So, I had a pre-surgery diet I had to do around the same time which was very high protein in delicious shakes, jello, no sugar, lots of liquid…….AND GUESS WHAT!….. all of the pain disappeared!
    So, I went on to lose 80 lbs. but for circumstances beyond my control, (tore my meniscus) and another thing , I haven’t been able to to “excercise! I’ve lost a lot of muscle and am just finishing up physical therapy for my knee, so I’m so ready to get walking with my dog again!! Yay!
    2017, this is the best year yet!

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