What does 2017 hold?


New Year’s eve morning as I write this. I’ve spent the week between Christmas and today pondering the events of 2016. I’m surprised at the number of surprises I had in 2016. It was a year of surprises.  And I’d like another please.  I believe this is because of my new commitment to extemporaneous living, instead of planning everything out.  There’s a flow going on.

Here’s my list. I suspect you had tons of surprises too.  What’s on your list?

I never imagined that…

I’d go to Milan and attend a performance at La Scala.

I’d have a big fight with my brother.  This is tremendously sad and bad.

I’d lose two dear friends, Bob Julien and David Sterling.

My ESL tutoring and College Coach consulting would be so active and rewarding.

I’d visit Chicago twice for wonderful extended stays.

I’d become a successful Sixty & Me guest blogger, with plans for a nonfiction book in the works.

I’d have such a sparkling, magical, major birthday.

I’d take a girly road trip with my high school friend Jeanette, revisiting the West of my youth — Montana, Wyoming, Colorado. Two gals in a blue jeep, driving into the horizon.

I’d reconnect with two childhood, touchstone friends I hadn’t seen for decades.

Hillary Clinton would not be our 45th president. Oh, and Brexit.

My trusty Toyota would finally give up the ship and that I’d buy a new car. (This was definitely NOT in the plan.  As I was fretting, Nette said, “Liza, it’s just a car.” She’s right!)

My daughter would move back home to finish writing her thesis. A beautiful, new, adult relationship forged.  And she’s about to move to France. Hmm…I see visits to France in my future…

My son would become a happy hotelier.

I’d re embrace yoga and Pilates as the cornerstones of my life.

I’d have already planned and booked an adventure to Alaska for Sept. 2017.

I’d do so much downsizing and so much maintenance on my house, readying it for sale. That I’d have not one but two enormous garage sales. With my eye on another to come.

I’d enjoy a quick, dreamy escape in Tulum the week before Christmas.

I’m sure there’s lots more.  What surprises did you experience in 2016? What are your dreams for 2017? Hold onto your hats! as they say.

xo Liza

Happy New Year my lovelies!  Just hoping to inspire you with seeing the really amazing things (good and bad) that happened to you in 2016 — with an eye towards getting ready for the next adventure.  We’d love to hear some things that you didn’t expect in 2016, below in the comments box.  

8 thoughts on “What does 2017 hold?

  1. My husband died
    I moved three times
    I cried a lot
    I remodeled/decorated my new home
    I built a studio
    I bought a kiln
    I went to Cuba
    I bought a car
    I joined weight watchers
    I’m on a roll .. Looking forward to 2017! Each day something creative..each month something BOLD

    1. Wow Karen. Thank you for sharing!!! Humbled and inspired by your extraordinary list. Love the “creative and BOLD.” I’ll sign up for that too. Bring 2017 on! xo

  2. My mother died.
    I started helping my 85 year old father continue to live at home.
    I visited my youngest daughter in Pittsburgh.
    I began to have regular dinner dates with good friends.
    I missed my daughters and grandchildren who live out of state.
    I joined a gym.

    Where are you moving to Liza?

    1. A big year for you, Christine. Thank you for sharing your list of “surprises.” Wishes for an extraordinary 2017 and the strength and joy to deal with whatever comes your way. Don’t know where I’m moving! That’s part of the adventure! Happy New Year! xo

  3. I decided to go on a two year adventure in 2016. The restaurant I work for has several locations in the US so I thought it would be fun to live in four different locations, 6 months in each area. I’ve started in Phoenix, which I love! I will spend the summer in Denver. The original plan was to go to the D.C. area next fall and to Michigan in the summer of 2018. And finally back to my hometown in Indianapolis. I’ve pretty much decided that I will come back to Phoenix in the fall and go to D.C. in the summer of 2018. Then who knows! I have family in Vancouver and would love to spend some time up there. Just livin’ the gypsy life 🙂

  4. HI Annie…well…I’m speechless! What a brilliant thing you are doing! I have so many questions! How extraordinary that you worked this out and that your employer is so flexible. A great way to truly try out different lifestyles. Bravo! I’m a bit envious!

  5. I have just found your site today and I am looking forward to joining in on the conversation and getting wonderful ideas for my retired life. Just retired in April of 2016 and just getting the “hang of it”. Excited to begin 2017 – in numerology it is my five “freedom” year and surprises is what it all about. I also am interested in the arts and travel and family. Hope to get some wonderful ideas and chats through you and your supporters. Happy New Year

    1. Welcome Ginger! I’m so glad you found me ….and us! You say you just retired… I’m writing an article about the retirement process, because it is a process. “Getting the hang of it” is about right. Thanks for reading and writing! Liza

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