The taking stock week

This is where I’ll be this week

Whilst many of you in western countries are returning gifts and shopping the ginormous after Christmas sales, I, here in Tropica, will be on the yoga mat, taking stock.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is when newspapers, magazines and television make their round ups of 2016. I too find the need to take stock, to quantify and review the past year as I approach the new.

My yoga mat is where my mind stills, my heart dreams, things get resolved, goals filter in.

This is a lost week, a pause week, an it’s okay to disappear, sleep late, stay up late, nap, knit, read, watch movies, make lists week. It’s the week I clean my mental house to prepare for the challenges of 2017.

I have no plans for New Year’s eve as of yet. Maybe something will crop up and appeal, or I might spend it at home, reading something marvelous, sipping something bubbly. Lots of flickering candles and feeling gratitude up the kazoo.

Wishes for a Happy New Year everyone! See you on the other side.  Now go and disappear!

xo Liza

Thank you for being a part of Camp Liza in 2016!  You make me so happy! Thank you for reading, for your comments, your enthusiasm, and mostly for being fabulous YOU!

P.S. Godspeed to Paola, Don and Julio who are off on their illuminating journey in the Canadian wilderness.

Hello my lovelies.  Do tell us of your plans for New Year’s eve. For me, it’s sort of a non event, and sort of something sparkly special. I like to wake up fresh and filled with great energy and inspiration. The comments box is waiting below. If you enjoy being a part of this community of intelligently stylish women living stylishly intelligent lives, enter your email to the box above so you won’t miss a thing.  


6 thoughts on “The taking stock week

  1. We have a group of “Good Grief”widows who will be watching the U of W huskies football game and enjoying time together. We have New York celebration at 9 our time but 12 in NY
    I am so fortunate!

  2. Hi Liza

    I will be flying to Chicago to visit relatives, but will be back in Miami for New Years Eve!

    Have a fantastic 2017!

    Maria Elena
    Miami, Florida

  3. Liza, I, too, love the idea of a “lost week” between Christmas and New Year’s, too. It recharges me and gets me psychologically ready for the new year. I put down the rush rush rush and just piddle around as much as I can. Yesterday I spent several hours – in the middle of the day! – reading “A Gentleman in Moscow” and today … who knows? Most of my friends are highly disciplined “get ‘er done” women day in and day out, and I wish I were one of them, but I absolutely need this annual period of idleness and what it does for my well-being. I am still in my nightgown as I write this, and who knows when I’ll get dressed, or make a list, or write a thank-you note today. Oops! I just wrote a thank-you note to you so I guess I’m moving along after all. Happy New Year!

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