Christmas on the beach?

The marg: a vacation in a glass.

In keeping with my goal of a “no gifts, just experiences” Christmas …a surprise slipped into my life at the last minute. Effortlessly. Just how I like it.

Extemporaneous. Glamorous. Inexpensive. Yes please!

Whilst you read this, my daughter and I are in Tulum for a few days. We hopped on a bus across the peninsula to step away from the red and green scene which is so cloying in Tropica. You all know that living in Tropica has dulled my lifetime pleasure in Christmas. Santa next to a palm tree? Wreaths and frost, mulled wine and carol singing don’t sync in 90 degree Latinoland. So the beach is a perfect place to leave the anachronisms behind — for a few days anyway.

Apparently, no one goes to Tulum in these dead days before the start of the winter high season and severely low pricing is in effect to fill rooms and keep staff employed. When I say severely low pricing, I mean severe enough for me, with hand trembling, to get on the phone immediately and book the hotel.

And I’m not particularly a beach person. It’s not something I crave because I have sun and warmth 24/7. Here’s the story. My daughter will move to another continent in the new year, so this is a farewell, mother-daughter experience. Sunrise and sunset on the beach. Meditation. Cycling. Reading. Writing. Yoga. Massages. And of course, margaritas.

We’ll arrive back in Tropica in time for the festive fervor of Christmas week. This retreat will help me keep my center and not melt into a puddle of longing. Then I’ll set out with my customary zest for the supermarket to see what I’ll cook for The Big Day.

Now, about the margarita.  I asked my friend Sally, who lives in England and France, what her winter cocktail is, thinking she’d answer something dark and warming, like a smoky old scotch, neat, or a Manhattan.

“I drink margaritas.”

That caught me by surprise.

“I need a blast of sun and citrus in the dark winter, as if I’m combatting scurvy,” she said.  “A marg makes me forget the cold.”

Now there’s a vacation in a glass if I ever.

So dear reader, I tell you my beach story not to make you envious about a Caribbean holiday. We all have to live the lives we’re in. And this is mine. I’d like nothing more than to be in a cold and frosty land sipping hot cocoa and thrilling to the sound of sleigh bells. So, you can join me here by raising your sunshine in a glass. Cheers!

xo Liza

P.S.  Tropical Gal’s Margarita recipe Equal parts: tequila, fresh lime juice, Cointreau.  Lots of ice. Salt on the rim. Breezy and strong, so take it easy.

P.P.S.  Please tell us stories below of what you’re doing this Christmas!  We love to live your lifestyle vicariously.

Hello my lovelies.  Hope you’re ever so well! As I said, I really want to hear about what’s going on in your lives at this time of year, doesn’t even have to be Christmas related. Comments are the best part of Camp Liza.  So start tapping in the box below. If you enjoy being part of a community of stylishly intelligent, life loving women, enter your email in the box above so you won’t miss a thing.

14 thoughts on “Christmas on the beach?

  1. Well so flattered as I am to make it into the main, official, part of the blog, let me add a seasonal quirk to the Marg…..and call it a Marm! If you can find bitter Seville marmalade oranges they will make you the most delicious Marmarita! Just use the bitter orange juice instead of the lime juice. I say… I think I’d better go and make one right now…..

  2. I am missing my favorite margarita at a restaurant near my home in Indianapolis. My sister called me the other day and said she was passing by this restaurant and thinking about the many times we had margaritas there. I have yet to find anything like it in Phoenix. For me as well, living in a warmer climate makes it hard to be excited about Christmas, though I have never been a huge fan of the holiday for many reasons. My roommate and I are having a few friends over and I think I will make margaritas!!
    Cheers 🙂

    1. Hi Annie. What’s the name of the place in Indy that makes such good Margs? I think your friends will be charmed with the idea of Margs in December. Wishes for a beautiful time.

  3. Germany excels at Christmas, and we are wringing every last drop out of it this year. We’ve done at least two Christmas markets a week for three weeks, with Aachen, Valkenburg and Monschau on the list for this weekend. Our house and tree scream Kathe Wohlfahrt–look it up. Bliss!

  4. Just returned from early Christmas in San Diego with my daughters and families. I brought the stockings and red plaid tablecloth from Connecticut, along with decorations my grandmother made. Vodka and cranberry for festivities. I’ll be in NJ with sibs and mom on the 25 and then it is strictly eggnog , homemade by my brother. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year, Liza. Should we predict travels for you to the new home of DD?

  5. Hi Liza, As I sit here in a motel bed beside my softly snoring hubby waiting for the day to begin, I happened to land on your blog.
    After a beautiful non stressful time leading up to Christmas and a wonderful gathering with family and friends it was bitter sweet as we travelled to another City in Ontario Canada to spend time with my hubbies family.
    It was a nice gathering, not all the family was there, some had to work, some were not feeling well and a few stayed home not feeling the spirit as today they lay a special lady, mother, wife and my sister in law to rest.
    We will all gather together today to share love in her Celebration of Life gathering. Her death came suddenly before Christmas, yes she was struggling with pain but we didn’t expect her passing right now. No one was ready. Her discovery of her illness wasn’t long lived and she was expecting to move forward but that was not to be.
    Life can be cut off to quickly…. We all hear the sentiments Live each moment as if it is your last….. but we take life for granted. My advice to people, Hug your spouse, your child, your loved one and even your enemy.. take that trip, sip on the margarita (that’s for you Liza, I’m a gin and tonic girl) or a cool glass of water and enjoy your thoughts, memories, sights and sounds around you as you never know…. someone could be sitting in a motel room writing to a stranger about their upcoming day.

    1. Pat, thank you ever so much for sharing your delicate thoughts with us. You are so right about living in the present. We say those words all the time, and yet we get caught up in the same old same old. The passing of a loved one always peels back layers and makes us raw. I really cherish that you are writing from a motel room. That is life. Carry on!

  6. Because I am floundering and my mind and body is wandering…. I thought of this post. Living in the present…. who would have thought that two months later after I wrote on your blog that I would endure the biggest heartache of my life. My husband passed away suddenly a week ago. Wish I was laying beside him now listening to him softly snore. A beautiful sound that will be no more. We had a wonderful life. Now a new life begins…. One day at a time…..

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