A surprising shift into a new gear



Something broke in me this week.  It was palpable, and a surprise to me. I hadn’t been expecting it at all.

Of course it had to do with the results of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

Yes something shifted.  I let go, gave up, turned inward.  I said, it’s not my world anymore.  I feel out of touch.

I feel that sanity doesn’t reign, critical thinking doesn’t affect, logic is lost, and intelligence and education are… diminished.

But then that’s human nature isn’t it?  Human nature will rise and it will fall. The world is in a cranky moment.

How I feel:

The electoral college must go.  How about doing what every other democracy around the world does?  A revolutionary concept called one vote, one person.

I am letting go, to a certain extent, of politics and of current events. I will not rush to turn on the evening news anymore. I can’t stand to look at his face and to hear the stupidities of the day. To see the world being pulled backwards into bigotry, class, race, sexism, lying, sensationalism.

You should be angry. You must not be bitter. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. It doesn’t do anything to the object of its displeasure. So use that anger. You write it. You paint it. You dance it. You march it. You vote it. You do everything about it. You talk it. Never stop talking it.   Maya Angelou 

I won’t check out entirely; this is the world I live in, after all. I will leave the street protests to young people; it’s their turn now.  I will continue to be angry, not bitter, and I will write checks and write words.

My new dispassion, my step back has made me turn my attention to nature, to peace, to cultivating my own garden.  To devote myself all the more to the most important of all human qualities: compassion.

I will make my own little world as perfect as I can. I will knit lovely things. I will bake delicious treats. I will read good books, watch good films. I will work in my garden, take long walks. I will write words and words and words.  I will greet each morning with my cup of steaming hot milky tea.  I will enjoy each sunset with a glass of wine.  Because life goes on.

xo Liza

P.S.  A cup of tea is always my way to soothe and inspire. I have some dates and some applesauce, so today I’ll bake this Date Apple cake.  It’s a start.

P.P.S.  And here’s a great escape! Netflix “The Crown.”

Hello my lovelies!  How are you feeling these days — as the days shorten and the hols stream in upon us? Do let us know your mood in the comments box below. For always intelligent, inspiring conversation, please enter your email in the box above so you don’t miss a thing.  


23 thoughts on “A surprising shift into a new gear

  1. Hello Liza, you’ve put into words what I have felt, too. As an expat American living in Europe for the past 30 years, I believe in having a more bird’s eye view of what happens in the US of A, more objective. But that has not helped with the results and what I perceive as the consequences for the role of the US in world politics in the next few years. But – as you put it so well – all we can do is make our own sphere of influence reflect our values, which some may call old fashioned, but I will stand by them. Starting with a double espresso right now…

    1. Greetings to you in Europe, Zenaida! Thank you. You are so right: happiness and kindness starts right in our own homes and our own lives. Carry on!

  2. Thank you Liza for articulating so much of what I am feeling. I have always said that if each of us does everything we can to make the world a better place, one action at a time, one day at a time, starting with ourselves, the world WOULD be a better place. We can’t give up on kindness. After this election I want to isolate myself and that is not the answer. We have to seek to understand and deeply listen no matter what values are present. This morning I am suiting back up and showing up for life and looking for opportunities to extend grace to those I touch!
    Thanks for the nudge!

      1. Do you all not understand that I’d it’s 1 person 1 vote…new York and California will elect every president. That leaves the heartland…the south and everywhere else not represented…???? I live in rural/small town indiana!!

  3. Good Morning Liza – I, too, feel that I must be out of touch with average Americans after witnessing the vast number of votes for President-Elect Trump – and I live in the U.S. And, with this election I sadly realize that many Americans are dissatisfied being citizens of this country. But, I also think that presidents and political parties come and go through D.C., yet the American people can remain constant in their ideals of compassion and kindness. I think, at this time, it is all the more important for Americans to reach out and exhibit our goodness to one another. I think our country is bigger than whomever is the sitting President – because Americans are mostly generous, loving, fair-minded folks – and we will prevail! Be optimistic. As you now know, anything can happen. And, God can move mountains.

  4. Hello Liza and thank you for writing this piece. It has put things into perspective; you have captured what I was feeling even though I hadn’t yet identified those feelings for myself. I too will leave the protests to the young but I won’t stop expressing my opinions and values and sharing some much needed compassion with my fellow human beings. But I will definitely draw back from the political fray and concentrate on enjoying and living my own wonderful life. Time for tea!

  5. Thank you for your thoughtful post, Liza. I am still in a state of shock and, too, find myself turning away from the news – – now it is endless speculation on what HE might do and which promises HE will keep. Instead, I am meditating, calming myself, planning thanksgiving for my friends and family, and raking leaves!

  6. thank you Liza!
    I feel it is a great opportunity to observe more where and how violence is in me, where is my racism, my separation from the other… and yes, as you say, stay away from all the news (for me it is in facebook) and focus more on beauty, love, compassion and community. I felt in a ditch on saturday… but, while I was meditating, the image of a ditch came to me, and in nature the ditch fills up with rain, and with water grass and flowers grow, and maybe frogs will appear too… so my ditch, my personal and so “important” ditch, lost intensity and a great feeling of impermanence grew. hugs to you! see you soon!

  7. Thanks for articulating my thoughts so well, Lisa. I feel that I shouldn’t have an opinion, living so far away, but it’s been dominating the news here (until our dreadful earthquake!) and it’s a world-wide thing to be honest.To think that the winning candidate actually got fewer individiual votes…. the system needs fixing! I wish you peace!

  8. Thank you Liza! I am amazed that I feel exactly the same as you. The difference is that I live on a tiny remote island in the North Sea, which is really almost untouched by what is happening in USA, (or anywhere else) so I’m not sure what is stirring these strong emotions in me. I feel sad to hear how values are changing in our world. I have just gone through the UK Brexit and that really did not move me at all ! Mainly political stuff which is part of life in general. The media circus that continues over the US election seems to be escalating. Time for me now I feel, to relax and take a back seat from the craziness of the world.

    1. Wow Anne! That my words reach you…in such an exotic place! Thank you for writing…and for reading. What do you do on your tiny remote island? Are you from there? Fascinated! Yes, enjoy your life and take that back seat from the craziness. It’s going to get crazier. Carry on!

  9. Thank you Liza. I moved here through work about 25years ago, I loved it so much I decided not to go back to Scotland. My daughter followed, and is now married to a local lad. They have a marine business and I help out a little in the office and with the grandchildren. This is a cold and often wild place to live, not like your home at all , but I would never leave here, and it is very much like it is where I belong. Having said that, I still envy your sunshine!

    1. Sounds divine, Anne. Cold and wild sounds delicious to me! And I love that you say it is where you belong. That’s the best feeling to have. I don’t feel like I belong here at all.

  10. P.S. I also meant to say (re your posting), I am going to continue to crochet warm throws, and bake blueberry muffins. This is what made me think of our similar reactions. Giving comfort.

  11. I am late getting involved in this conversation, however, the shock of Hilary losing and Trump winning is still reigning. And the betrayal of “everyone’s vote matters” campaign that in the end had no bearing on the results of the election. I keep thinking that some miracle will happen before January 20 and the old orange baboon will not be our President resulting in the world as we know it being lost and gone forever. I have considered joining the many Resistance groups and going back to my 1970s days of fighting for truth and women’s and all people’s rights. However, I am 66 yrs old and not sure if I have all that energy for it all anymore. I do have the anger however, if not more because I now have more insight and knowledge into the world. I can’t seem to stop my obsession of checking the news and the daily tweets in which Trump shows his complete stupidity and ignorance of the world and of his new coming job. This is no longer our America or democracy or anything even close to what our government has been in my past. It is not the government that I could always count on for intelligence no matter what party is in office. Even if I did not agree with many of the issues, I was not so afraid of what the future would bring because the President would at least follow the general guidelines and beliefs of his party. This is total craziness and some bad dream that I can not wake up from. Well, as I said, I am late in joining in, so I’m not real sure of the format and exactly how I should honor everyone involved in the conversation., but needed to get the political issue off my chest this morning and so glad you listened.

    1. Hi Ginger! Never too late to chime in. The conversation keeps going all the time. I hear you, loud and strong. I wish I could find the anger in me, but I feel broken, instead. And non-caring. This is not like me! I barely look at the headlines, because I don’t want to read about the stupidity. I was thinking of not watching the inauguration either…but the historical Liza in me feels it is a “piece” — and if the Obamas, Clintons and Bushs go, well, I should be there too. To be continued. Thanks for reading and writing!

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