If the words “climate change” make you yawn…

Caution:  This film will change your life.

If you don’t really know or care about climate change… This film is for you.

If you know or care about climate change, this film is for you.

Make a pot of tea, plate the cookies and sit down for this extraordinary documentary. Required watching for all citizens of our beloved planet.  Schedule your time, it’s about 1 hour, 35 mins.

Consciousness is the first step.  Then, there are many things you can do. Start by calculating your personal carbon footprint.

You’re welcome.

xo Liza

Hello my lovelies.  Not many words from me today, because I’d prefer you take the time to watch this important film.   Comments welcome, below, as always.  If you haven’t already, do sign up with your email in the box above right so you won’t miss a thing.


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