Are you always rushing around?

Into the Rapids

The only way to navigate the rapids is: calmly.

In Tropica I spend a portion of each month making the rounds of the various utility companies to pay each bill in person and in cash. It’s the price of a low voltage life in paradise.

As I left the electric company and drove to telephone company, I had a dull thud revelation.  I don’t need to rush anymore. I said it to myself again to make sure I understood correctly.  I.  Don’t.  Need.  To.  Rush. Anymore.

Why have I spent most of my life rushing?  Rushing to work. Rushing home. Rushing from work to somewhere–to the gym, to the doctor, to a dinner party. Rushing to the grocery store before rushing to school to pick up my kids for lunch.  Rushing to get to their sports activities or tutors. Rushing my kids through breakfast to drive, rushing to school, at 6:40 a.m.(No school buses in Tropica.) Followed by rushing to the gym to make the 7:15 class. Rushing to get to the airport. Rushing to get dinner on the table because everyone’s hungry.  Rushing through the housework so I can get on with something else more interesting.

Rushing is exhausting, energy sucking, soul depleting, anxiety inducing and makes me plain unhappy.  I don’t have time for unhappy.   I wish I had the consciousness to have banished this modus operandi years ago, but alas, I didn’t.

My rushing mentality has nothing to do with being late or not managing my time well.  I think it might be a western concept of importance — that if you rush, it must mean you’re important, your presence urgently needed before anything can get done.  Or is rushing a consequence of bad planning and needing to step on it, all the time.  Why do we always feel we have to be somewhere else…fast?

I spend the same amount of time doing something whether I rush or don’t.

If you’ve ever canoed the rapids you know that you can’t think about anything else whilst you are navigating the crazy white water and trying to keep control of your canoe.  Additionally, you have to keep your head and stay calm to get through the froth.  Metaphor intended.

Not rushing is a luxury.  It’s the gift of being a femme d’un certain age and of being the boss of my business.  I’ve learned that there is no difference in time expenditure. I spend the same amount of time doing something whether I rush or don’t.  If I’m cooking dinner at my own pace, I enjoy it.  If I’m rushing to get dinner on the table, I don’t.

Deep breath.  A rush free life.  Savoring each moment now. Nothing so urgent.

Not a deeply provocative, earth shattering post.  Just a grateful realization from an overachieving, ex-rusher.

xo Liza

P.S.  I’m consumed with the crazy U.S. election.  I need for it to be over!  It’s been going on for ages, hasn’t it?  Halloween and Christmas is clashing in the stores.  Ugh!

Hello my lovelies.  What’s on your mind this week?  Please drop in below and share.  I’d like to know what’s going on in your world. I’m collecting things for yet another garage sale.  I’m taking to heart the saying that you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.  



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