Move over Thelma & Louise



Liza and Jeanette go for a drive

I used to walk to high school with Jeanette every day.  Now, decades later, we’re going for a big walk hike together.

Two high school friends, meeting up for a girly road trip. We’re as opposite as can be: She’s slim, I’m curvy.  She eats slowly, I eat faster. She walks fast, I walk slowly.  Will we still be friends by the end?  I’ll try to post from the road, but I’m also trying to unplug. 

Rocky mountains here we come!   A small bag each.  No fancy dinner outfits. Just jeans, hiking shoes, hoodies, down vests. Meet up in Denver. Rent a car. No hotel reservations. Drive through the ravishing beauty and stop in whatever motel along the way.  Off the beaten track in an unknown town to use the laundromat, fill up the cooler and go again.

Gaze at Lone Mountain.  Raft the rapids of the Snake River. Canoe a lake.  Hike Ousel Falls. Picnic along the way.  Don’t think I can get on a horse these days…  Soak in the hot springs for which Montana is famous. Go to cowboy bars and flirt with ’em. Destinations: Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Big Sky, Butte, Glacier.  Driving the Gallatin Gateway and Going to the Sun Road. Back down through Great Falls, Cody and returning to Denver.

I’ll fly back to Tropica and she, back to Princeton. Home in time to watch the presidential debates! During the trip, I’ll be wearing a Hillary button in Trump country. Let’s see how that goes.

I’ll try to post from the road.  You might check my instagram feed from time to time.  I’ll have my ipad with me, but it’s difficult for me to post pictures on Camp Liza with it.  If you don’t hear from me for awhile, well, gone fishin’ or out of internet range in America’s big wild west. I’ll be back in late September to tell all.

xo Liza

P.S.  Love traveling after Labor Day when everyone’s gone back to school or work.  A retirement perk. (from the word, perquisite!)

P.P.S.  I retain my fear of bears after previous visits to Montana. I’ve packed my trusty bear bell to wear on my backpack to warn them that Liza’s coming and to clear out!

Hello my lovelies!  Have you ever traveled with an old high school friend after all these years?  Where did you go, what did you do?  Spill! We want to hear. The comment box is waiting below.  Do like/share this post via the clever buttons and if you haven’t already, enter your email so you don’t miss a thing.



19 thoughts on “Move over Thelma & Louise

  1. Have an amazing trip! That sounds absolutely fantastic! Have the best time and I look forward to seeing your pics on Instagram xx

  2. Sounds fun! Sadly I think the only dangerous part of your journey might be reactions to you wearing that Hillary button… Safe travels!!

  3. That sounds great! Just a few weeks ago I went on holiday with my bestie from high school – in fact best friends since intermediate, which I guess is like a middle school – students are usually aged 11-13. Like you, Ruth and I are quite different – she is tall and slender, I am short and not slender, she is a little introverted, I am not, (I would wear a Hillary button, she would not)…….. 🙂 But wonderful friends for many years. It was not an intrepid hiking trip, or even a very long trip, I have to say! We went to New Caledonia and stayed in a resort for a week. Marvellous. I have plans for a road trip around New Zealand once I retire, but fortunately there won’t be any bears – or indeed snakes! Have a wonderful trip.

  4. Sounds great. I currently live in Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s a wonderful hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, and wine tasting town. Rocky Mountain Winefest is scheduled here in Palisade, Colorado, for 15-18 September. It’s also a junction of Amtrak, Greyhound, the Interstate highway system and has a decent airport. Should you fine yourselves in need of a shower, a soak in my hot tub, use of my washer, or just plain want to taste wine — you’re invited to stop by. Or I’ll come pick you up where your travels dictate a decent rendezvous spot might be, and I’ll take you back there so you can resume your wanderings. or 970.403.5207 or smoke signals may work. I’ll watch for an alert . . . =|;-)

    1. Randy! You are so generous my friend! Maybe not in this trip but on the next. Jeanette and are checking this all out and planning to come back next year. You’re on the itin! Muah! xo Liza

  5. Hope you are having a great time! My husband and I have made a tradition of underplanning our summer vacations. We pack our camping gear and clothes in his little car, sit in the driveway, and flip a coin about which way we will head out of town. We have been all over the American West, and had a wonderful time, discovering many unexpected delights. Good for you, leaving room in your plans for serendipity!

    1. HI Anne! Thanks for your story and your good wishes! I’m replying to you from Great Falls, Montana. Tomorrow, driving to Wyoming. Will be back to blogging when I get home. Carry on!

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