My annual “dog days of August” post



This is luxury:  Swimming in the Gulf and not seeing another person as far as the eye can see.

If April is the cruelest month, then August is the lostest month. And it’s a good time to find yourself.

Staycating is the ultimate vacation destination in August. The world is on vacation: crowds, higher prices, delays.  True, there is a sense of joining in the fun, and many art and music festivals are held during this high season. But…

…the best secret of August is your own house.

It’s a no alarm clock month.  Breathy cool morning breezes caress me as I drift awake. I sip my morning tea and listen to the birds. The afternoons are lost lost lost to time.  The evenings stretch into sweet darkness.  Nothing is expected of you. Can’t get any work done, everyone’s on vacation.  On hold.  Gone fishing.  True rest.

I’m reading, books both serious and not.  Catching up on you tube videos and Netflix.  Drinking lots of iced hibiscus tea spritzed with fresh lemon. Watching Olympics sans cesse, marveling in all those beautiful young bodies and what they can do with them!  Planning for a trip the minute after every returns from Labor Day. (To be revealed!)  And sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but Christmas ribbons appeared in Tropica’s Costco last week and you know how I feel about that! I write about it every year, but it bothers me every year.

Everything feels intuitive in August.  I cook when I feel like it. (A good recipe for all your zucchini!) Nibble snacks when I don’t.  Go out to eat on the spur of the moment. Going to a restaurant feels like a mini vacation right there.

Time to roam through your mind — and your closets.  Weeding out thoughts and clothes and thinking about what you’ll add to the mix, if anything.  Planning a garage sale for the fall with all the no longer useful stuff.

My summer project is fitness and I happily go off to Pilates three mornings a week.

August is luxurious.  You’ll find me late at night listening to a book from Audible (I love being read to!)  under the swirling ceiling fan over my bed.  But don’t find me, please.

Sending love and relaxation to all of you out there!  Get lost now!

xo Liza

P.S.  This is a photo of my DD, ion a sandbank in the middle of the Gulf. Yes, even in August there are places in Tropica where not a soul is to be seen even in the height of summer.

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6 thoughts on “My annual “dog days of August” post

    1. Hi Shelagh! That is the Yucatan Peninsula’s Gulf of Mexico. It’s a sandbank in the middle of the nowhere! It is near the fishing village of Dzilam de Bravo. Google away! And carry on!

  1. Thank you for a perfect description of a perfect August. I am doing everything that you list above, but also, I can’t help watching the craziness regarding elections and polls. I do limit this, but I can’t completely look away, even though it makes my anxiety level go up! The dogs are barking!

    1. Hi Colleen! Thanks for writing! Oops, you’re right. I forgot to mention that I’m deep into the election shenanigans! Human nature at work! I too, can’t turn away from the train wreck. Carry on!

  2. Hi Liza! Thank you for that beautiful description of the pleasures of a lazy summer day at home. It took me back to lazy summer days with my sister in our childhood home in Brooklyn, NY. Cherry Icies on the stoop with our friends, cool breezes blowing the cotton curtains in the living room as we hung out the window watching people go by. Listening to records in the dark, singing along and giggling when we messed up the words. Thank you for your beautiful words! They took me home for a moment!

    1. Awww Randy! So glad my words took you home! We’re all in this together, celebrating, enjoying when we can. Thank you for your nice compliment!

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