Summer in Tropica


I’m usually never at a loss for words…but yes, my friends, I have succumbed to the inertia that is the essence of the word: summer.

What is summer like in a place where it feels like summer all year round?  Even in Tropica there are subtle seasons. School’s out just like everywhere and life slows down even more. The weather is, if you can believe it, hotter and stickier. Meriland empties out like Paris in August, with everyone going to their beach houses on the Gulf.

Despite the extreme heat I adore Meriland in the summer. It’s the rainy season and the clouds are super puffy and just plain petulant. The sunsets are miraculous and traffic is minimal. Restaurants are like a private club.  Shops are empty. The normally busy town is sleepy and lost. Not a soul is on the street during siesta. I love it.

Tropican summer is mostly about time, and being lost in it. Time stretches and feels like an invisibility cloak.  Cool mornings drift into lost afternoons.  The darkening of the sky, the afternoon rain. Then a glorious sunset and an evening that never ends.  I read in bed under the whirling fan above, lost in a reverie.

This summer has been so intense, with the drama of the Euro Cup, followed by the Republican and Democratic conventions.  I watched every minute of both of them and my head is filled with political rhetoric.  Now, the controversial Rio Olympics are about to begin. And more campaign fervor until election day. Feverish times.

Summer in Tropica is the season of no rules. I alternate between indulging and eating sparsely.  I become very social and then I retreat.  I both love and curse the sweaty heat.  I stay away from the crowded beaches and know that come September, when everyone’s back in school and work, I will have the floury sand and turquoise water to myself.

I wish you cool watermelon drinks and good long reads.  Time to get lost.

xo Liza

P.S.  That’s not my bedroom in the photo above…but I wish it was! It’s a room in a local hotel, Coqui Coqui. It epitomizes for me the luxe of life in Tropica.

Hello my lovelies.  I really want to hear what you are all doing this summer.  Staying home? Road trips?  Fancy vacations? Tell all: what you’re eating, thinking, reading, doing. Just reading about your lives will be vacation enough.  The comments box, below is waiting for you!  Please share Camp Liza with friends via the clever buttons. And if you haven’t already, enter your email so you won’t miss a thing. 

15 thoughts on “Summer in Tropica

  1. for me the summer is full of activity. It is my time to wrk in the house, to create new yoga sessions, to experiment new practices… lots of time on my hands make me feverish and excited. I love the quietness outside and the great activity inside!
    have a wonderful august!

    1. Hi Paola. Thanks so much for your words. I love your concept of summer being the time of activity. Lots of time is the key. Yes, August!

  2. Liza, your description sounds idyllic and lovely! Being a voracious reader and a lover of warmth, I could totally be curled up, watching the clouds over the top of the pages, and then having a lazy nap. I do a similar thing in Seattle, but without the heat. Today is starting out with fog almost touching the water and a sliver of land between. Our summer has been the favorite of gardeners… cool and without a lot of need to water. For me, we haven’t had summer yet! I love those mid 80’s where you can put on shorts in the morning and be energized by that glorious sun and sit on a deck in the evening. After living here for 45 years, I am looking at places that may be a better fit… following your blog and looking for more to find out what living in Mexico could be like!

    1. Hi Kate. I guess we all want what we don’t have…ha ha. I love the idea of Seattle’s fog touching the water…and the idea of green gardens filled with corn, tomatoes, zucchini. But it sounds like you love heat and sun…so come on down and check it out.

  3. Isn’t that the truth??!! Yes, it is stunningly beautiful here during the summer…. even with the fog. It’s just scary to me when our summer runs into fall and then winter and it truly is 150 shades of gray! I am planning a visit down there and some exploration.

  4. Liza, thank you for putting a positive spin on lazy summer days. I work only Tuesday through Thursday, so I awake on Friday with lots of plans for my four-day weekend. But the unrelenting summer heat here in Fort Worth soon overtakes my intentions and I find myself reading and relaxing, being with friends, putting off errands and to-dos until late Monday afternoon when I start to feel guilty about what did not get done. Now that I have read your blog, I think I’ll just go watch a French movie on TV and deal with tomorrow – tomorrow.

  5. I love the way you write❗️
    Any chance you could share the most favorite books that you have read ?
    We are heading towards the end of winter here in Australia , so summer reading is around the corner . It looks like I will be having a hip replacement , so more oppurtunity to read.

    1. Hi Irene in Australia! Good look with your hip replacement. I hope you feel tons better afterwards. View your recovery as a blissful time of self indulgence. How’s that for putting a spin on it. I read so much….hard to choose books. When I have a moment, I’ll post some titles. Carry on!

  6. Summer in Seattle usually starts on July. 5th and Fall arrives in September. A very short season! We try to put everything into it. Boating, gardening,hiking, camping, picnicking and repairing our homes. Summer reading is slim. Too much to do in such a small window of opportunity. The highways are filled with tourists and the ferry lines long. But, after years of participating in it all with gusto.,,I sit by my window, coffee in hand, and contentedly observe.
    There may be 50 shades of Grey but there are also 50 shades of green…today it is cool, just 54 degrees. A sweat shirt kind of day. I will work in my garden then go to my studio to make pots.
    It is a beautiful day!

    1. Karen, sounds so lovely cool and green in Seattle. And I can imagine it is a very active time for summer sports. Maybe you have to do “winter reading” — which is just as great. I’m jealous of your sweatshirt day! I dream of wearing a hoodie! And oh, you’re a potter. You have it going on!

  7. Liza,
    I’ve just discovered your blog through Sixty&Me.
    Your writing is so perfectly descriptive, and spot on.
    Thank you for sharing the splendor of ordinary life.
    Best regards,
    Annie G.

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