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lemon drizzle

When the going gets tough, I drizzle.

It’s steamy in Tropica right now.  Meriland empties out like Paris in August.  It’s too hot for even the Tropicans who have deserted Meriland and moved lock, stock and servants to the beach.  I adore Meriland in the summer.  A quiet city to myself, lost in the heat.  I swim in the morning and drift through the lazy days.

The world news in the past few weeks has left me sacudida. That’s a Spanish expression which means, “shaken like a rag doll.” That’s about right.  Exhausted, trembly, heartbroken, shaken inside and out. So much evil, sorrow, hatred, sadness.  In addition, I have a friend who is suffering greatly with his health.

Words fail everyone. No amount of words or logic can make any sense. Oh sure, I write letters, I read accounts, I talk to friends, I stick close to CNN.  The only thing I can do is reaffirm life, to draw my family and friends close.

So I bake.  Let’s be silent over a cup of tea and be together. Let me take you into my home and comfort you.

You all know of my love for the iconic British baker, Mary Berry. Lemon Drizzle “traybake” is one of her classic, easiest recipes that surprises everyone when they bite into it for the first time. The crunchy, crystalline sugar topping, the sweet acid of the lemon, the soft crumb of the cake. It’s an indescribable experience. People always smile when they try their first piece of lemon drizzle.

lemon driz 1

Mary calls it a “tray bake” which is a British expression for baking a cake in a rectangular pan, much the shape of a lasagna pan, which you then cut into pieces.  It’s a cake that sells by the piece easily at bake sales.  It’s a no fuss, comfort cake.  Easy to make and easier to eat.

So welcome to Lemon Drizzle, my friends.  May it bring you, your family and friends, peace, love and simple happiness.

xo Liza

P.S.  Let me know how it turns out!

Hello my lovelies!  Do you have any favorite comfort bakes to share with us?  Or stories about how to comfort yourself in times of emotional turmoil such as the one we find ourselve in now.  If so, please tell us in the comments below.  Please like and share via the clevers buttons below with friends.  And if you haven’t already, enter your email so you don’t miss a thing.

9 thoughts on “Just Bake

  1. Another reason that I am drawn to you and your writing! I have recently found Mary Berry and love her way of cooking and recipes. And then about a month ago I found you. I’m really enjoying reading all your posts and catching up on the old posts. Will try this recipe and will continue reading your posts. 😃

    1. OH Irene! Another Mary Berry fan! She is a role model for me. Thank you ever so much for enjoying my little world of Camp Liza. Please do share with your friends. Carry on and enjoy your Mary Berry life.

  2. I love to bake ❤️ The mixing of ingredients, the change of consistency, the delicious aroma as I await my creation! This indeed is comforting! Just a few weeks ago I found a receipe for cheesecake fudge which I usually make during the holidays! What Joy!!…… delicious fudge in the summer.

  3. Liza,
    I ‘be spent Jan and Feb in Akumal for 20 years.
    Really like this recipe… but where do you find a yellow lemon in TheYucatan? I’ll sub lime.
    Thank you, hope you’ve recovered!
    Cooks with love and butter

    1. I make it with the green lime of course, since we don’t have yellow lemons in Tropica. However, bags of yellow lemons do show up in Costco from time to time.

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