No more monkeys jumping in my head!



Why didn’t you…?  You shouldn’t … or You should…!   Do you deserve…?  How could you…?  Why did you?  How can you justify… Shouldn’t you be…?

This is about silencing those mischievous, terrible voices in my head that constantly criticize and question me.

Yoga teachers often use the analogy that the mind, with its incessant chatter, is like a bunch of monkeys, jabbering all the time.  Which is why we meditate, to give us peace, and to feel our soul unencumbered.

I am not a spring chicken.  Isn’t it time for these monkeys to go? They are still jumping in my head!  So I upped my meditation practice.  And I now constantly concentrate on feeling good, being present, promoting pleasure. The power of a smile on others as I make my way through my day is enormous!

My challenge during my iconic birthday month (more in another post) is to rewrite the script of my life.  Oh, I’ve done amazing things in my life.  But I don’t feel like I have.  I seem to tell myself another story, of falling short, of not being enough, or being too much, or shoulda woulda coulda.

Isn’t it time to turn off this voice?  And whose voice is it, anyway?  I wouldn’t speak to my children or friends in this tone, so why do I use it on myself?  I meditated on this and was able to figure out how these voices were created.  I won’t bore you.

More important, I tried an experiment.  I said, “Liza, for one week, you will turn that voice off.  Every time it comes on, you will say, no, bye bye, not this week.  You can come back next week.”

So I did.  The silence was stupendous.  Refreshing.  Delicious. Delightful.

I’m firing the monkeys.  Downsizing them.  I won’t write them good references so they’ll have a hard time getting another gig.  If the monkeys come back, as monkeys will, I will sing the song I sang to my children, “No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

xo Liza

Hello my lovelies!  “It’s always something” as Roseanne Rosanadana used to say.  If you recognize that cultural reference then you are in my generation.  So c’mon, make a comment below.  I talked, now you talk!   Do share this post via the clever buttons below and enter your email in the box on the right, so you won’t miss a thing.


7 thoughts on “No more monkeys jumping in my head!

  1. Yes and then sometimes they talk back. I too am trying to silence the monkeys. I too am trying very very diligently to rewrite the script of my life.

    SHHHHHHHH be quiet …………

  2. I have come to realize that others deal with the ‘monkey’s’… I always thought it was just me! A friend bought me a copy of Michael Singer’s book called ‘The Untethered Soul” the journey beyond yourself and he address this very issue. I have found it profound and had no idea that it has been around and translated it into many different languages around the world. Ladies, if you are in that space where you really want to delve into finding a way past those voices I urge you to get the book. I am only half way through because it takes me time to process so much of it, but it was the right book at the right time. I hope it is for you!

  3. I am on my third reading…no more worries, anxiety or pressure from the “monkeys” . Best book for living a stressless life!

  4. Karen, that’s a great endorsement! I know it will take more than one reading to absorb it all, but half way thru, it is already making a difference in my outlook.

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