What’s on your bracelet?

A crown to remind me that I’m the queen of my life, the queen of me.  A queen period.*

crownI’m not the charm bracelet type.  Charm bracelets were for me, something my mother wore in the 50’s.  No, I’m a modern woman. I’m minimalist.  Try to wear little or no jewelry.

And now I’m here to tell you…I have a charm bracelet!  It is a modern version of a charm bracelet and I love how it tells –not so much the story of my life — but rather, about my dreams, my thoughts, my fantasies, desires and loves.

The charms are touchstones for me to remember who, exactly, I am and what I love and aspire to.

It’s a Pandora bracelet.  Their corporate message is about “expressing your individuality” and “celebrating the moments of your life.”

I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  And I hate to use cliches!  I, who consider myself chic and stylish have added a Pandora bracelet, okay, several, into my life.  I don’t fill them up, rather, keep them sparse so that the charms really sing.

I have a cat charm because I love my cats.  catcharmI have a comedy/tragedy mask, because well, that’s what life is.

happysadI chose a pineapple first for its magnificence as a natural object but also because this one is beautifully made with embedded crystals. It’s the colonial symbol of hospitality and that’s my middle name. But mostly, it reminds me of my father who bought pineapple wallpaper for the foyer of my Manhattan apartment and taught me how to hang it. Wow, what a skill I never knew I’d have!pineappleThe clamshell with a pearl, reminds me that life is my oyster and that there is beauty within the deep; treasure in the quotidien.
silver-pearl-seashell-charm-791134p-p20665-189857_imageThere is my beloved tea pot.  I worship life with the ritual of tea. Hot tea in bed in the morning.  Mid morning tea.  Mid afternoon tea. Tea if I’m upset.  Tea if I’m happy.  Tea if someone drops in. Tea to share confidences and offer comfort. Decaf tea in bed with me at night.teapot

And as you know, I love to travel, so there had to be an airplane.

airplaneAnd to round it off, there’s a D for….what do you think?  It was the first charm I chose.

dThere you have it.  Fun and inspiration in jewels.  It may sound corny, but looks splendid on me.  I love looking at other women’s Pandora bracelets and learning about their lives as we discuss their charms.

What about you?  Any jewelry obsessions to share?  Any charms to share?  Have I inspired you with Pandora?

Wishes for a happy week!

xo Liza

*The importance of the crown is from my darling friend Sally Bradshaw who introduced me to “always remember to wear your invisible crown.”

P.S.  I forgot to tell you about my pale blue charm.  Because I loved the color of Murano glass with the silver.elsas charmHello my lovelies.  Okay, a light post for today.  Can’t be thoughtful and ponderous every time!  Do leave your comments below and chat us up!  And, if you haven’t already, enter your email in the box above right so you won’t miss a thing!

21 thoughts on “What’s on your bracelet?

  1. I bought a charm bracelet a few years ago, and it tells my story–it has a California charm, the Golden Gate Bridge, a passport, an airplane, and a suitcase. All in silver, all very spare, on a thin chain.

  2. I also recently bought a Pandora bracelet that my sister talked me into. I usually don’t like to wear much jewlery but I do love this bracelet. For me it was the colours and the stones that attracted me. Mine are mauves, pinks and diamanté all with some silver. I think it’s very pretty and feminine and it’s my favourite piece of jewlery.

  3. I love Pandora and enjoy adding charms. I like the elegant ones with pearl and star dangles and a little clear sparkle, anything star. Since the Fae are a big part of my life I will add a few of those as time goes on. I like simple elegance. I have my mother’s old charm bracelets that she must have started in high school stashed away and every once in awhile I take them out, too tarnished to wear anymore no matter how hard I tried to remedy that, and wonder at the stories behind the charms. One bracelet is all hearts, most engraved by the givers, some names I recognized.The other is a hodgepodge. It has many things noting the military from WW11. There is a B29 bomber, a sailor cap, (my father?) a battleship and tiny Kilroy, among others. These are our history and sense of self, encapsulated time and memories..

  4. I love my Pandora charms. I have a ship because we Iove to cruise. An anniversary heart , married almost 40 years…that can’t be! A Bible, I love my faith. Six murano charms, I love the colors. A hanging charm that says “mother” , my daughter has the other half. Newest and favorite, a heart that says ” I love you Nana.

    1. Hi Carol! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’ve been rereading my posts and came upon your comment. So delighted that your Pandora gives you so much pleasure! Carry on!

  5. I thought ‘D’ might have been for “Dreams”. Never to give up on your dreams! My favorite charm is my granddaughter’s fingerprint in silver. It reminds me how each child is unique and has their own individuality & dreams.

  6. As a person one who doesn’t own or wear much jewelry as compared to some, I’ve decided to get a charm bracelet started and I’m excited! I like things that are meaningful, unique,versatile and expressive…which is kind of how I believe I would describe myself. I’m enjoying this blog. Love to all. ~ Val ~

    1. Hi Val! I’m reading old posts and came upon your comment. I’m wondering if you did get your charm bracelet started! So glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’m thrilled to have you as a reader!

  7. Hi Liza, I wear an anklet of shells that I put together with fishing line, I have been wearing shells on and off for 50 years, I don’t know why. But I love them. I really do like all the pandora beads and rings to. It’s just some way of expression. Deby

  8. I have a sterlung silver charm bracelate that i bought for myself as a retiremenr gift. It is one of those nice quality pieces of jewelry that Bradford iffers. It has several charms consistinf of oriental kanjis, which spell out Luck, Good Fortune, Longivity, Happiness, etc. I just love it.

  9. Hi Liza! This site is fantastic. It looks beautiful and I am loving reading it all! I think I have had a secret crush on charm bracelets since about kindergarten. So far I have resisted Pandora and the like, but this post of yours is making me reconsider. 🙂 I loved the story about the pineapple wallpaper and that your charm reminds you of such special personal story.

    1. Hi Liz! Delighted that you’ve “joined” Camp Liza! I am a number one fan of yours — your website inspired me to do something equally as beautiful. Carry on! xo

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