As many of you know, I live in Tropica where it’s slow, hot and green. This past spring, I undertook the task of having my house painted. I had been putting it off for years and it was time to face the music. As is local custom, I hired one painter who methodically worked his way through the house, inside and out. I was prisoner of my house for the six weeks it took, rising early in the morning to let him in, driving to buy more paint and supplies, letting him in and out,  waiting until he finished at six.  It was relentless and mind dulling.

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When I was young, I didn’t think anything about my body.  I lived in it.

Now, I’m aware of it all the time.

I have a hip issue, a shoulder situation and a knee thing. (I don’t call them problems.)  I have turned into the sometimes limping and stiff vision of my elders.  Instead of cursing myself and being angry, I embrace my body and all its imperfections.  I love my body.  My body has brought me here.  My body has given me great pleasure. My body has birthed two children.  My body has played thousands of hours of tennis.  It has walked everywhere, run on beaches, hiked on mountains, skied and skated. It has sailed, walked cities, strolled through museums and sat in cathedrals and concerts all around the world.

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A crown to remind me that I’m the queen of my life, the queen of me.  A queen period.*

crownI’m not the charm bracelet type.  Charm bracelets were for me, something my mother wore in the 50’s.  No, I’m a modern woman. I’m minimalist.  Try to wear little or no jewelry.

And now I’m here to tell you…I have a charm bracelet!  It is a modern version of a charm bracelet and I love how it tells –not so much the story of my life — but rather, about my dreams, my thoughts, my fantasies, desires and loves.

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