“Let’s be fabulous old people”


I have been obsessed with age since I was in my 30’s.  I remember a summer weekend in upstate New York, at my friend Keith’s country home.  After a typical, stressful week at the advertising agency, we drove from the city to find ourselves standing outside with our martinis, breathing in the sweet country air, and looking at the cows who had come up to the fence to greet us. We were healthy and attractive. Our careers were in the making.  We felt powerful and invincible.  Fear was unknown to us at that moment.

Keith turned to me and said, “Let’s be fabulous old people.”

I was taken aback. What a curious thing to say!  To this day, I have never forgotten this moment.

He continued. “You’ll wear cashmere sweaters and we’ll have cocktails every night at six.”  His vision of age was elegant and luxurious. In keeping with the boomer mentality he added, “By the time we’re old, Ralph Lauren will have designed beautiful diapers for us.”  Ha ha ha, we laughed.

I signed up for Medicare last week. Ha, ha ha.  Of course I, like everyone who is fortunate to live this long, can’t believe it. There’s no calling myself middle aged anymore, Medicare means I am officially old. The U.S. Government says I have done my part; they will take care of things from now on.

For centuries writers, poets and philosophers have been musing about age.  Get past the chagrin and they talk about the astounding profundity of aging. I myself am experiencing how life becomes palpable — on a cellular level. (wink wink Maia!) I breathe 100% pure life, every minute of every day. To wit:  I never thought that age would be so pleasurable!

The AARP has carefully explained that there are three branches of aging successfully: health, wealth, passion.  You have to take care of your health so that you feel good.  You need enough money to live on, whatever that quantity may be. And thirdly, you need a passion, or many.  That’s the mental/emotional stimulation to sustain and inspire you.

One of my passions is culture. After years of living in the jungle I crave artistic, theatrical, musical, literary, gastronomical pleasure. Another passion of mine is style. Now’s the time to get truly authentic. I find a fixation on style is not petty, rather it makes aging less…dowdy. Again, I’m talking about style in all things, whether it’s cooking, decorating, dressing, reading, traveling, entertaining, reading, gardening, knitting, blogging.  The best part?  Style has nothing to do with money.  But of course you knew that already.

So yes, Keith darling.  Let’s be fabulous old people.

accidental-icon-black-fringe accidental-icon-black-cream

How edgy is she? Lyn Slater, The Accidental Icon inspires me!







Need style inspiration?  Get cracking on Instagram and Pinterest to start your mood boards.  If you’re in a frump, time for a makeover.  Think about who you are and how you want to look and feel.

xo Liza

P.S.  Won’t you share your positive thoughts on aging with us? We already know the downside. Let’s hear it for the good stuff!

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