What is a good wife anyway?



Last evening, the television series The Good Wife ended.  It has been running for seven years. That’s longer than many relationships.

I thought the writers did a splendid job with the finale which is always a slippery slope.  No happily ever after. We did get a bit of fantasy and romance, smacked down with reality.  It reflected the uncertainty of life perfectly:  everything is up in the air, change or die, and life goes on.

The romance was in the form of fantasy encounters with the darling Will Gardner. Thanks for coming back for a few luscious minutes, Will!

When Alicia walked grimly towards the camera, into her future, here’s what I understood:

Running to the next man is not the solution.

Alicia transformed into her husband: a tough person who gets the job done no matter what it takes.

All is fair in love and war.  Alicia, like her husband, put the law and her own interests above the feelings of her law partner and friend.

Everything in life is compromise.

The legal system is not about justice, truth or right and wrong.  It is merely about who can build the best case, hinging on obtuse legal precedents.

Alicia doesn’t just “like” wine and/or tequila.  She is an alcoholic. No one has called her that, so I will.

Diana Lockhardt is my sheroine.  As The New York Times pointed out, Christine Baranski makes aging look glamorous, sexy, powerful.  She is as compromised as all the attorneys, but she has a moral center.  She was the moral conscience of the show.

The Good Wife should put to rest that, “women can have it all.” Women can’t have it all; men can’t either. The notion of having it all is stupid and creates unhappiness amongst those who compare themselves with others.  And, why did “having it all” become equated with women?

The finale showed the tough stuff of life: betrayal, commitment, love, compromise, confusion, friendship. Human imperfections and uncertainties.  For a moment it looks like Alicia is running from her husband to her boyfriend and a new, happy life, but that falls apart in seconds.  On top of that, she gets “the slap heard round the world,” and feels it not only on her face, but in the darkest corners of her soul.  Then she adjusts her jacket and walks into her unknown future.

She is all she has.  The Good Wife is about a woman who learns that our most important relationship is with ourselves.

xo Liza

P.S.  So what did you think about the finale?  Yay or nay?  Any thoughts you can share with us about your take on the show?

P.P.S.  Listening Well is the Best Revenge is my first post on The Good Wife.

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6 thoughts on “What is a good wife anyway?

  1. I know nothing about the series, but I loved this quote of yours! than you!
    “Women can’t have it all; men can’t either. The notion of having it all is stupid and creates unhappiness amongst those who compare themselves with others. And, why did “having it all” become equated with women?”
    have a lovely week

  2. It was perfection in every way as was your commentary. The straightening of the jacket was ALL. Xx Liza

  3. Have you noticed how Alicia’s face changed over the seven years. She started soft and frightened and ended up hard steel.

  4. I sat next to her in a restaurant in NY recently (she was having lunch with David Geffen). Beyond beautiful.

  5. I just came across your blog thanks to Sixty and Me and it is a joy.
    This post was a fun read and made some important points.
    Hoping you’re getting lots of writing work, because you are a fun read.

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