It’s that time of year again! Women in the World


Hello my lovelies!!!  I’ve missed you!

I’m back from my travels (and the obligatory cold I get from the airplane) and have loads of things to share with you. But for now, I want to alert you that today begins one of my most important and favorite events of the year:  The Women in the World annual conference in New York City, April 6-8.

I know, I’m giving you last minute notice.  BUT!  You can watch it LIVE on your computer.  Go to the WITW Homepage (click on the link) and look at the agenda and the instructions for seeing every minute of the conference live in your own home or office.

This conference is a life changing event.  It will inspire you, thrill you, shock you —  with the extraordinary things women are doing around the world.  Watch even a few minutes and you will be hooked.  Tina Brown (former editor of The Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, The Daily Beast) has created a glass ceiling shattering women’s media company, where women report about women in the world.  Life from a female perspective. (Instead of the same old same old.)

Back soon with all the news of my travels and all sorts of fascinating things!

xo Liza

P.S.  Please…try to make some time to watch this conference.

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