One of the nicest things you can do for yourself, or a friend, is to make a pot of soup. Clever soup has the power to comfort, nourish and inspire.

I first met potage (pronounced poh-tahj) when I lived in Paris. I was thrilled to be living on Gertrude Stein’s street, at 16 rue de Fleurus in the 6th arrondissement, off the Jardin de Luxembourg. My hostess, an extremely religious spinster, Mademoiselle Ley, served potage to Mary, Chris and me every evening as our first course. We never tired of it. It warmed us and settled our tummies for the meal to come.

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Solo travel for me is the norm, not the exception.  I don’t even call it solo travel, I call it travel.

My first job out of university was as an aviation journalist.  I traveled the world on assignment. Europe, South America, Africa and memorably, to what was at the time Communist Eastern Europe. That job is where I learned how to travel.

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euro packing

There’s no better time to reflect on my packing than when I’m on the plane home and have a fresh experience with my travel wardrobe.  I spent two weeks of my “adult spring break” in Zurich and Milan with a carry on. I love carry on travel for the ease of maneuvering my way through airports, train stations, subway steps, buses and on crowded, uneven streets. A small bag, packed with some carefully chosen items makes me feel smart and powerful.

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Hello my lovelies!!!  I’ve missed you!

I’m back from my travels (and the obligatory cold I get from the airplane) and have loads of things to share with you. But for now, I want to alert you that today begins one of my most important and favorite events of the year:  The Women in the World annual conference in New York City, April 6-8.

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