The boy on the couch


Yes, this midcentury woman likes Justin Bieber.  I didn’t pay him any mind whilst he was growing up. His music didn’t interest me nor did his adolescence, which was sloppy as all are.  It was when my DD sent me a track from his new album “Purpose,” that I sat up and listened. He has crossed over into music that adults now want to listen to.

My fondness for Justin Bieber is complex and poignant.  I appreciate his musicality and the journey he has navigated.

justin young

This is the boy on the couch.  It’s one of the first videos his mother uploaded to youtube. A boy with music in his bones who wanted to sing.

He is a creation now of our imaginations and the press who wants to turn him into a bad boy.  He is the boy on the couch who navigated his way into adulthood, got bought and packaged by the voracious music world, managed by publicists, agents, stylists, record companies, paparazzi and screaming fans.

Under the bleached hair, tattoos, hip hop clothing, even whilst he’s photographed naked on Bora Bora, when he performs, like this on Ellen, I can still see the boy on the couch.  I wonder, how is it possible that he have a “normal” life and stay true to himself.

I enjoy contemporary culture because I want to see how the young are projecting their longing, dreams and fantasies onto their icons and into their art. Whether I like the current zeitgeist or not, the fact is the world belongs to the young.  We had our chance, and…our parents hated our music back then too.

Watch him grow up on Ellen and you will see the boy on the couch. (And doesn’t Diane Keaton say it all?) I appreciate the journey Justin has taken.  His niceness is authentic. He has the light in his eyes.

I hope he holds onto himself and provides many years of pleasure as he grows and explores his musicality.  Living in a fishbowl is not for the faint hearted and has tragically undone too many wonderful souls and tortured talents.  Godspeed Justin Bieber!

xo Liza, your midcentury fan!

PS  Justin!!!  If you read this…ha ha…can I get tickets to your Purpose tour? Impossible to get “normally” if you kwim.


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  1. I like Hozier. Don’t know much about him except he is from Ireland and seems quite nice. Also who wouldn’t like Lin-Manuel Miranda??

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