We’re back!

Catch as catch can, here we are, back at the stand

Eloise by Hilary Knight

Did you think I had disappeared for good? No way!  Welcome to your new Camp Liza site!  I hope you like it.  The redesign was a result of the tremendous reception of my blog. It was a many month journey to this moment, that’s for sure.

We started back in August 2015.  Then my lovely web designer, the French Charlotte, (a woman who codes! how cool is she?) got chikungunya.  Then I got chikungunya.  Next up the Christmas hols.  Charlotte went to Patagonia to visit her parents and her papa had a health emergency.  I kept telling her:  health is the most important thing in the world, the blog can wait. And now, here we are.

The new look is inspired by my Mother’s painting: Place de Furstenberg.  It was one of her favorite places in Paris and she painted it many times.  My mother celebrated la vie quotidienne in her oils and watercolors.  There are always children playing, dogs being walked, people gossiping, cute cars and charming buildings.

Place de Furstenberg speaks of love and life, of charm and intimacy, of people communing, sharing, enjoying. This cozy scene welcomes you each time you drift onto Camp Liza, your oasis on the crazy web. It’s a place to celebrate you, us, life.   A place to pause, think a little thought, to leave refreshed, happier, appreciative and always: inspired!

Take a look around and let me know what you think.

Carry on!

xo Liza

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PPS.  There’s a new feature on the right column:  “What’s Cooking at Camp Liza.”  That will change often, even daily or hourly as things change.  It’s like my own personal Twitter feed.

PPPS.  I really missed you all.

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4 thoughts on “We’re back!

  1. Welcome back and what a fabulous new creative look ~ I LOVE the back story and your Mamas art. Keep on doing what you do, so unique and inspirational xx

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