Yes, this midcentury woman likes Justin Bieber.  I didn’t pay him any mind whilst he was growing up. His music didn’t interest me nor did his adolescence, which was sloppy as all are.  It was when my DD sent me a track from his new album “Purpose,” that I sat up and listened. He has crossed over into music that adults now want to listen to. [Read more…]

blue pen
This is going to be a controversial post.  I know lots of you out there aren’t going to like it. Maybe I’ll even be wiped from your address book, or as we say today, contact list.  But I bet you’ll keep on reading.

No one sets out wanting to be the other woman.  We all want to be the woman.  But then life happens.  [Read more…]

⟡ Where have you been all my life? ⟡

Smitten Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

This is a recipe for people who can’t bake.  It takes five, okay, fifteen minutes to get into the oven.  In addition to being fail proof, it’s comforting, beautiful and delicious.  And I can’t believe I never knew about this until a week ago! [Read more…]

Catch as catch can, here we are, back at the stand

Eloise by Hilary Knight

Did you think I had disappeared for good? No way!  Welcome to your new Camp Liza site!  I hope you like it.  The redesign was a result of the tremendous reception of my blog. It was a many month journey to this moment, that’s for sure. [Read more…]