Tropical Christmas Redux

choco crackles

⟡ Breaking with tradition ⟡

You all know how I feel about tropical Christmas.  I wrote about it last year. In general, I  take comfort in traditions.  The ease of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, menu always the same.  The cherished Christmas ornaments that I pull out of the box each year.  The Easter ham.  The Fourth of July barbecue. But this year with the holiday season in full swing, I’m feeling the season in a different way.Things seem more sober …and fragile this year.  The passing of yet another dear friend.  The incessant talk of radicalization and jihad.  The continued senseless killings.  The suffering refugees.  The craziness of the pre presidential race.  I am unsure.

I will not be making my traditional beef wellington this year.  I am recovering from dengue and don’t have the energy.  Nor can I drink champagne. (If it’s one thing Christmas means to me it’s all the champagne you (I) can drink.)  The English crackers didn’t make it to my house.  My DD had her tonsils out and can’t eat solid food.  My son is not well.  And, I’m continuing on my epic diet lifestyle change.

I decorated a bit — lugging home a cute, stumpy tree that no one wanted in the grocery store parking lot.  Twinkly lights are always good to banish the 4 p.m. darkness.  I will bake the Dark Chocolate Crackles  for drop-in guests.  You  all loved the recipe last year, so I reprint it here.

I want to feel things differently:  fresh, simple, new.  Maybe I’ll make a festive and comforting soup for Christmas lunch.  Or, maybe we’ll walk on the beach, let the wind ruffle our hair and eat chopped egg sandwiches under a palm tree.

I’m listening to more classical music these days, sitting attentively and dreaming as I let the sounds wash over me.  I study the composers in a clever little book I’ve had for decades and never opened.  I alternate between greater expectations and no expectations.  I am planning more and also, allowing more serendipity into my life.

What I’m most interested in today is learning about what you, dear reader, are doing.  How are you “celebrating,” what are your rituals?  What are you thinking and planning?

So I invite you to write today’s post by entering your comments below.  Please, share your lives with us!

xo Liza

P.S.  Things may go “dark” on Camp Liza for a few weeks, as my young, French web designer (a woman who codes!) vacations in Patagonia, and we switch over to a new host and new look for 2016.  I’ll try to stay online as long as I can, and then be back in 2016, better and more beautiful, for you!

Hello my lovelies.  A quiet post today.  We’re all busy rushing about to concerts, teas, gatherings.   Do tell us what you’re doing in the comments box below.  Let’s share our lives and get inspired from each other.

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