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If I ever go on safari (and I hope I will) …Remember to NOT take pictures of wild animals. I don’t want to spend my time trying to capture a fabulous picture of a giraffe when I should be enjoying a live giraffe gamboling right in front of me.  I lost too many precious moments of family life because I was fiddling with focus, trying to turn on/off the flash etc.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  I will enjoy the animals whilst everyone else click click clicks with their super zoom, heavy lenses which they worry about carrying, losing or breaking.  If  I want a good  picture of a giraffe, I’ll buy a National Geographic.

For a magical Christmas tree, I must remember to string strands of stationary lights, then add one or two strands of twinkling lights.  My tree will look well, charming, instead of like a neon blinking bar.  Why did it take me years to figure this out?

When my tv/blueray/ithings/computer/phone conks out or goes berserk, stop pressing buttons.  Unplug it and walk away.   How many times have I drove myself to frustration punching buttons, reading menus, only to hear the tech in the Mumbai call center in ask me, “Did you unplug it?”  And then I do, and bingo.

I must remind myself to leave room for surprises.  In every sense of the word.  Sometimes I try to force a moment, or a decision.  Sometimes doing nothing is the best decision.

Don’t buy something fast.  Wait to discover it whilst living, in situ, and probably, on sale.  Especially important for home decorating.  Homes need to be layered with time, not assembled.

And while we’re on the subject.  Don’t wait for an occasion to look for a dress.   I’ll never find it, spend too much money and I probably won’t even like it.  Rather, when I see the perfect party dress, skirt, pants, sweater, whatever:  buy it.  Even if its off season or I don’t have an event coming up.

Don’t send out if I think there’s nothing in the house to eat.  Cook out of the fridge and cupboard.  It’s a creative and ecological act.  I might surprise myself with an omelette combination I never would have considered.  Or, I Google “brussel sprouts” and learn to make a hache that is sublime and I wonder, why did I never make this before?  A tomato sandwich is always my favorite thing and usually ends up as a default meal.   Cut up and roast a beet, a carrot, an onion a potato, then put it over lettuce and drizzle a homemade vinaegrette over it.  Delish, figure friendly, healthy and inexpensive.

I know Oprah would disagree since she’s into saying yes, but:  Learn to say no graciously and say no whenever its best for me.

Write things down in my datebook.  If I don’t, I’ll forget.  But remember also leave room for spontaneity.  Constant, but flexible and free.

When a hurricane comes (and it will….) be sure to leave the electric garage door open.  After the furor, when the electricity is out, I’ll be able to get the car out.  Duh!  And:  Shut down the fuse box long before I think its necessary.  In the past, I’ve waited and had nasty surprise blowouts.  This piece of advice to myself can be taken on a karmic level too.

Don’t take things seriously. At all.  Ever again.

Don’t complain, don’t explain.

Make every breath count.

Send my readers love and light with each post.

xo Liza

P.S.  What are some of your life hacks?  I, we, want to hear them!  In the comments box below, please.

P.P.S.  It’s been quiet around Camp Liza because I’m planning a relaunch of the website in January.  There has been such positive response, that I’m going to update the look and add some features for you .  I’ve been working with a young  (of course) French web and graphic designer and what’s more:  she codes!  So whilst I’m posting less…I’m working harder to bring you more delight in 2016.

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3 thoughts on “Reminders to myself

  1. Shout out to my darling cousine, M.D., for making me aware of the need: to NOT take pictures on safari! Thank you my dear for saving me from myself! I would have gone cray cray!

  2. Hi Liza. . . I wanted to add a small note here regarding safaris. I have been on a safari and I , like you, thought that I was not going to be like the people above. . . I didn´t want to be distracted from the moment or have to lug a big bag around, charge the batteries, worry about it getting stolen, etc. Later, on the advice of friends, I chose to take one of the LARGE cameras with a super lens just like the ones in the picture! I have to say that I could have lived without a lot of things during that a trip but the camera was not one of them. It allowed me to take gorgeous pictures of wildlife far in the distance. . . in fact this was the only way we saw rhino and cheetah. Not only did it allow me to capture those once in a lifetime sightings but it was the very best set of binoculars I could have asked for. My daughter and passed the camera back and forth throughout the trip sometimes only wanting to get a closer look at something that would otherwise have been impossible to see. Later we were able to enjoy those photos again, share them, post them and go back to them whenever we wanted to remember those magical 10 days of our safari together.So my advice. . pack light but take the camera!

    1. Good to hear from a safari vet. That you for writing your contrarian view. To be considered! Wondering, would a good pair of binocs be just as good? I have to say…. I DID enjoy your photos!

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