This is the future?


⟡ A rant… ⟡

When I was young…the future was the happy Jetsons, a popular TV cartoon, a family flitting about outer space and enjoying a futuristic version of the 1950’s good life. There’s the rub:  it was a 50’s idea of the future: a bright place to be.  We imagined new medical technogy, a disease free world, time saving devices (saving time for what?) and…flying cars.

The future has arrived and, who would have imagined it would be about: evil.  The science fictionists with their dystopian vision won?

The future has become young people killing young people.  Disaffected youth adopting suicidal ideologies.  Entire populations of countries being displaced, dramatically, into other lands.   Today’s future contains new words we add to our vocabulary: Boko Haram, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Isis.

Doesn’t everyone “deserve” a bright and shiny future?

I have been living the douleur of Paris, of Beirut and all the other countless places where tragedy strikes.  I stare at the photos of Paris on my Instagram feed,  the city of pleasure,  civilization, of beautiful architecture wherever you look, home of all the sensual pleasures — food, clothes, art, theatre, dance, perfume.  All that was done by our predecessors, all that we celebrate, is to be undone?

What do I tell my adult, millenial children who have come to accept the reality of the dystopia as…well, their reality.  This dystopia is their present. What is their future?  The world keeps reknewing itself in new ways.  Human nature is susceptible.

I hereby declaim that I devote myself to art, creativity, the human spirit, to the personal, the pleasurable, the inellectual, to compassion, to superation, to love and to all good things.


xo Liza

P.S.  Are you missing The Dengue Diaries?  Well, I’m in Week 7! and feel ever so much better.  Still achy, slow and fuzzy, but I do move about more and have glimmerings of energy.  I have spoken to fellow sufferers and they feel the 8 week mark is about right.  It will have been two months of a meditation retreat on the couch– which in the scheme of things, is not so bad.

Hello my lovelies!  For you U.S. readers…are you enjoying your Thanksgiving preps and then…the big meal itself?  And for you around the world…in your photographs I see that the holiday season is in full swing in your countries.  I’m keeping it small and simple this year.  A string of Christmas lights can do wonders for the spirit.  Comments below please!  Chime in, it’s what Campers want to read —  about the future, about Thanksgiving, about Christmas, about whatever.  What you have to say is always interesting to all of us. Please like and share this post via the clever buttons below, and if you haven’t already, enter your email above so you won’t miss a thing.

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