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Good morning from Oxfordshire © Amanda Brooks

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I have adopted one of the habits of today’s young. I wake up and reach for my ipad mini.  I quickly scan my Twitter feed to see the breaking news.  CNN and The New York Times.  What’s happening, what’s trending. Then, I slow the pace and turn to my Instagram feed.

Today, two spotted pigs on socialite Amanda Brooks’ working farm in Oxfordshire.  Jamie Oliver’s view on his morning jog through London. Menu inspiration from French chef Jean Imbert, followed by a dose of Paris porn from l’instantparisian and parisinfourmonths.  Whatforbreakfast is posted by a Polish woman who lives in Berlin.  Skye McAlpine’s scenes of  her hometown Venice are empty of tourists.  I want her Venice!  Chateau Duganes involves me in the renovation of a desolate chateau in the Midi Pyrenees, bought by an ambitious and crazy(?) Australian couple.  Queen Rania reports from her life in Jordan. NYCB principle dancer Sara Mearns thrills me with #aballerinaslife.   CNTraveler  — dreamy, spectacular photos from every corner of the world.  Our Open Road makes me want to dash to Patagonia immediately.

Really? No tourists at St. Marks? Yes please! c Skye McAlpine

One of my favorite photographers, the Brit, David Loftus, is resting at his favorite hotel in Marrakech. I feel refreshed immediately.  Moira posts her stupendous garden flower beauties.  There are the snaps posted by friends.  My DD’s  last night’s revelry or what went on in art school. Edifying in every way.

If you haven’t explored Instagram here’s the scoop.  It’s free.  You download it.  You follow whoever you want.  The world comes to you.

My five minutes with Instagram each morning sets a tone of wonder and gratitude.  It’s a wonderful life!

xo  Liza

Hello my lovelies.  Week four of The Dengue Diaries going on here.  I’m of good cheer from the sick couch.  Thank goodness the world is brought to me by Instagram!  What about you?  Can you share with us some of your favorite feeds, below?  It’s the part of the blog that people love reading.  I’d appreciate it if you “like” or “share” this post via the clever buttons below.  And if you haven’t already, enter your email in the box above so you won’t miss a thing.

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